Saturday, January 22, 2011


Jeez here I am on Saturday, just getting to last Sunday's Sunday Creative and still not done.  I feel like I need an extension.  I don't remember ever asking for an extension to complete school or college work, and I've not filed my taxes using the extension time frame, but I better get going, 'cause tomorrow Maegen will undoubtedly have up another prompt to push me creatively and I need some space.
The Sunday Creative

I've always been partial to the Sunday Creative as inspiration. I usually challenge myself, not only to find a photograph that meets the weekly topic, but also I try to look inside and see how that word resonates in me.  At times it just isn't possible, but many times if I take time to contemplate, I find something to ponder....which leaves me on Saturday without having posted what's been carried around in the back of my mind for days.

Extension.  Hmmmm.  It was emotionally a tough week for me.  I'm going to blame it on shoveling.  There's something about the mindless, repetition of the chore that causes my mind to wander.  I can't say for sure, but I think my mind wanders the way other people's minds wander when they meditate or do yoga.  I'm not one for sitting still very well; I think the movement and physicality of shoveling allows me to get nearer that space.  With plenty of shoveling this week I struck a nerve that left me emotionally worn out.  So if anything I feel over-extended.

I've been trying to extend and push into places my mind doesn't want to go.  To visit regrets, past mistakes, etc acknowledge them and then let them drift on.  A bunch of these thoughts and those of the uncertainty of future came roaring out of the snow banks leaving me wiped out.  A bright sunny day today has lifted my mood.  I guess it is human nature to extend ourselves, to grow, to learn, to be better, to find something more, to strive, to not settle for just so-so.  I'm on a big extension search right now.  Surely answers will come-but oft they seem elusive.

For now I'm going to try to go with the flow.  My photography is becoming an extension of who I am...a new extension....and I suppose all the other stuff will follow suit when it's ready.

Sometimes extensions spew ugliness.

Sometimes extensions are delicate and not fully formed.

Sometimes extensions are beautiful but unclear.

Sometimes extensions are cold and numerous.

Sometimes extensions come in the morning light.

I'm extended out.  Thanks for taking the time to think about extension with me.  Hopefully tomorrow's prompt won't take me so long to figure out.


Miss Becky said...

Susan, you're more dedicated than I. I saw the word extension and muttered "phhhttt". last night the weatherman was talking about sea smoke on Lake Michigan, and they showed a photo that someone had sent in. apparently it happened yesterday morning, while I was sleeping. the photo was lovely, but not as impressive as yours. I really like that top photo. and the lace of the frost. my fave is the icicles. two thumbs up. have a great weekend Susan!

Jamie said...

WOW - these photos are stunning! Some of your very best - maybe this introspection is showing up in your photos.

Maegan Beishline said...

These images are is your thoughtful interpretation! I know what you mean about your mind wandering during repetitive activity and feeling worn out as a happens to me a lot. But after have recuperated a bit, I always feel a little bit I've worked through something in my mind. I hope you find this as well!

EG Wow said...

Your photos are wonderful and I like the way you explained what extension means to you.