Saturday, January 22, 2011


Faith's photo challenge over at Simplicity this week is happiness.  Linking up with my best happiness image.   

Tula Dot.  Now this is one happy dog. 
I love to see my timid rescue looking like she's not scared of anything.

When I get better with Photoshop, I'm going to try re-editing this photo, but wanted to share it as it is the happiest photo I've taken in quite awhile.


Scrappy Grams said...

She is having way too much fun! I'd love to have that energy. :)
Oh, I like her unique name.

ToadMama said...

Pure bliss. I love it when I manage to catch the dogs with a big grin like that and their eyes flying. You just know they are having the best time ever!

Miss Becky said...

Yes! this is happy!!! Look at those ears. and that's a great shadow shot too. I'm really starting to love Tula Dot. I hope you're having a great weekend Susan!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE this photo!! I have two pups (babies) of my own, and nothing beats the pure joy on their face when they run and play! Great capture!!!


Laloofah said...

Well, there's one New Englander who doesn't appear to be sick of all the snow yet! :-) Her grin and her ears say it all. Such a fun photo of blissful exuberance, it's a joy to behold!

(Speaking of rescued dogs in Maine, check out this guy! I had no idea there was someone else named Tex living in the Kennebunks since I moved away, did you?!) ;-)

Carol Blackburn said...

Great shot, Susan. Hope she's not going to jump on you whan she gets there.

Faith said...

This DOES look like happiness!!