Monday, January 24, 2011

Solace 151, 152/365

Linking up with Maegen for the Sunday Creative.  (Note to are doing this in a timely manner, not waiting until Saturday this week.  How great is that?)  Please swing by Maegen's blog to see other takes on this week's prompt "Solace".

The Sunday Creative

I was thinking about what comforts me when I started thinking about solace and it's just obvious.....2 sweet things are at the top of my list and in the core of my heart.  Funny thing about pets, they don't let you down much.  Something about their unconditional love and their silent sensing is so remarkable and precious.  They do bring comfort, they soothe, they allay, calm, and yes they amuse.

I remember too my past pets.  They too brought much joy and love to me in unspoken solace-magical really.  To only let them breeze through my thoughts makes me feel better instantly.  Solace, certainly.

In the depth and cold of winter my companions delight me and pull me through the difficult days.  I am blessed to have them both and the solace they provide.

Tough Job

{152/365}  "Princess P" doing her day job-guarding the top of the couch.  Tough gig, but someone has  to take care of these difficult things.

Romp {151/365}

{151/365} Tula Dot having a super fun romp in the snow making me smile with her infectious joy.


Carol Blackburn said...

I had an awesome dog, white german shepard lab mix named Snow. She was with me for 14 yrs. She was my running partner and very protective. She was more faithful than my first husband, but that's a very old story. LOL
Enjoy your wonderful pets.

Anonymous said...

My Gaby brings me comfort too. :)

Anna Lear said...

Wonderful interpretation of the theme, and lovely images! My pets have brought me much solace and love and joy over the years, too. Thanks for making me smile tonight.

urban muser said...

our animals are such a wonderful part of our lives. these are beautiful shots.

Lou Belcher said...

You've shown two different yet united sides of solace.

Tezzie said...

Your furry friends are was your post. I hope that I will find solace too, in time, when I think of my sweet Molson. Right now, the feelings are too raw to 'go there'.