Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Linking with Faith, Hope, and a whole lotta Love for Wordless Wednesday.  Guess what's happening in my backyard?


colleen said...

Nice. It looks pretty much the same in the mountains of Virginia today.

Miss Becky said...

oh Susan. what beauty. I've been listening to the weather reports and they're saying that it's another of those "perfect storms" headed your way. perhaps I was a bit hasty in my judgment of the consternation of those wanting to stock up. I hope you don't lose power. that's the biggie for me - losing my internet and heat. I can deal with almost anything but that. But now...I have my Kindle to keep me company even in that case. Your photo shouts beautiful wild blizzard. Nothing you can do but hunker down. You have solid company with Tula and Princess. stay warm.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Susan, looks similar to my backyard. I'm surely getting my exercise today. Good thing I love to shovel. Mike uses the snow blower and I clean up the leftovers. Speaking of leftover, I'm ravenous....guess it's all that exercise, huh!

Jamie said...

I can feel the silence from here.