Monday, February 28, 2011

Lavender P64

Linking up with Project 64 for my colorful find for this week....lavender.

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African Violet

Found this pop of lavender near my secretary's desk at the office.  She says it's a type of African Violet....I'm going to have to believe her, cuz I don't know nuttin' much about flowers and things. 

This tiny blossom is about the size of a quarter-the delicate leaves look almost fake, but they are indeed alive.  The fake plants are in the rest of our offices.  Annie's the only one that can keep plants alive.  She says we're not "allowed" to have real plants due to the high death ratio that was occuring.  Annie puts her foot down on things that really matter. (:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weather 184/365

Linking up with Faith over at Simplicity for this week's photo challenge, weather.

I really, really, really didn't want this post to show snowing photos.  Really.  At this point I'm not down to my last nerve on the snow thing, I'm at like minus 4 nerves on the snow thing.  I'm trying to be a good sport, or even just a sport....grrrrrrrr.  But, I take photos of what the world, light, the moment offers.  Unfortunately this is pretty much what's been happening the last few days.  I will give you it's pretty, but I don't have to like it.  Hope it's sunny and fabulous where you are.

Snow Day

More Snow {184/365}

Sunday Scavenger 183, 185/365

Connecting with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  The hunt is on!!  Punch on through to see many interpretations of this week's list.

This week's items were:  Capture the Sky, Everyday, Furry, Life, and Blurred....a fun list for sure and open to great interpretation.

Alfred Embroidery
Capture the Sky:  There have been soooooo many grey sky/snowy days this winter I wanted a blue sky shot for this item.  I'll totally give you that this is not a sky shot, but it has blue sky in it and great contrasts.  This old factory has been converted to a residence; I'd love to see inside.  I was enjoying this blue sky &$@#*&! snow.

Coffee Curves
{185/365} Everyday:  I'm not sure I have coffee at home every day, but it is certainly a commonplace occurrence.  This is my favorite mug.  I like the stripes.

Car Window
Furry:  I was a bad pet mom this week....almost no pics of "the girls".  Had to go back a couple weeks for this sweetly pathetic shot of Tula Dot waiting patiently in the back of my car.  Love the afternoon sun on her fur and whiskers.  She had no right to look so forlorn-I'd just taken her for a wonderful ski and romp in the snow.  Rescue dog...whatcha gonna do?  I love my girl, hang-ups and all.
Old Barn
{183/365}  Life:  There was a hint of suggestion with this topic to find something representing "new life/growth"....but ain't nothin' growin' out of the snow or budding on trees as of yet.  This scene is typical of life around here.  I love the Andrew Wyeth quality of this old barn.

Dunes at Dusk
Blurred:  I caught these dunes blowing in the wind late one afternoon.  I love this shot, but boy was I some cold when I finished this walk.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my scavenger hunt items.  Looking forward to being on the look out for the next list.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Linking up with the fabulous James for Weekend Reflections.  Check out more awesome reflections by clicking on through.

Chased down a couple sunsets this week.  Love me that afternoon light-not much of it left when I get out of work....but, more and more each day.  Yay.  Found some sunset reflections in unexpected places while I was out there chasing the light.

Car Reflections
I took Tula to the beach and noticed this lovely sunset along my car windows. Glad I didn't just jump in the car and drive away.

N L Pate Building
I've wanted to photograph this old car lot (now for sale) for a long time.  I love the hanging lightbulbs for "evening shopping".  I'd still like to try again when the snow isn't encumbering my ability to get close to the building.  The nice surprise was the pretty sunset and tree reflection in the window.

Have a great weekend.  Hope you find lots a pretty reflections.

Macro Friday 179/365

Linking up with sweet Laura over at Blogging from Bolivia for Macro Friday.

A couple of playing around with the camera shots from around my kitchen.  Happy Friday to you.


Blue {179/365}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Warmth of Friends

Linking up with Maegen for The Sunday Creative.  This week's prompt "warmth".  Ha, ha....funny joke; warmth in the middle of the winter.  Talk about a stretch.

The Sunday Creative

On Sunday under sunny skies and the cold winds of winter I went tubing.  As a kid growing up, there wasn't any tubing-there was only sledding-sledding in your yard, or your neighbor's or on some specially named hill that everyone knew about.  Very early on I used a wooden sled with metal runners and then for my prime sledding years "the blue roll-up"; a flimsy sheet of plastic with yellow handle that zipped down hills so much faster.  I can't remember my last sledding event, but likely it was age 13 or so, when I graduated to the much more mature cross-country skiing or to apathy.  Not sure which.

So, off I went with a group of friends to the "Sports Park".  $22 for a 3 hour pass-and all the tubing a girl could want.  Manufactured snow, big round covered inner tubes, a large building with places to sit, warm up and eat fried foods, music blaring out of huge speakers on the deck, a "people mover" to get one to the top of the hill, and attendants everywhere to push or spin you to get you started down the hill and to remind you to drag your feet at the bottom to keep from sliding right on into the parking lot.  Progress, surely.  I suppose $22 is a bargain.

It was damn cold tubing with the wind whipping, especially at the top of the ginormous hill, so it's odd I'm selecting this info for a prompt on warmth.  What made it warm, were the friends that I enjoyed this experience with, "the Bubbas".  I'll spare you the reason-if there is one-why we're the Bubbas...just take it as is.  We laughed, we were goofy, we spoke Bubba-ese, we didn't care that we were the oldest "tubers" in the place...we had fun.  Enlightening how friends can make you feel warm, even in the coldest places with frozen wet toes.  That's pretty amazing.  Thanks to all my special ya!

Bubba Hill
That there one big-ass Bubba hill.

First yous get yous a "tub".

Brave Bobbi
Sometimes folks a bit nervous 'bout "tubbing".

Happy Bubbas
Bubba Pam "Loweeeen" and Bubba Laura.

Sunny day Bubbas
When you finish yous got ta get outta da way....there's lots of activ'tee down the bottom of the hill.

Goggled up.

Bubba snack
Bubba snack down ta the hollar.

Three "tubs" go faster than just 1 Bubba tub.

Sonja Bubba
Sonja Bubba...why you holdin' that light post like that?

Hold on Bubba
Hold on Bubba!!

Becky Bubba
America's Next Top Bubba Model.

Sunset 180/365

Linking up with Lisa for the Creative Exchange.  Beautiful artistic photos are always in season at the Creative Exchange.  Click through and see for yourself.

While winter still has a good cold grip, to my delight the days are getting longer.  If I really hurry out of the office at the end of the work day and I'm lucky I can catch a smidge of light still in the sky.  My mother recently asked me what the point of shooting sunsets was....."Does one not look just like the other?"  "Do you not tire of seeing them after awhile?"  I guess the answer to this requires a thoughtful breath and a smile.  She is totally right and totally wrong at the same time.

On the Hill

Laudholm Sunset

Old Shack {180/365}

Last of Day

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Linking up with Communal Global for my today.  Always a lovely collection from 'round the world-head on over and see.

Today I'm thinking about how beautiful, precious, and simple things in life can be.
Morning Egg
And also how fragile...
....and how quickly things can change, even when you're paying attention.
Good thing I have a dog.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Indigo P64

Stopping by at Project 64 for my entry for Indigo for this week's color challenge.  Thanks to the hostesses for providing such a fun challenge.

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Fessing up that I went to Walmart and bought a box of 64 to help myself get a better grasp on the color of the week.  Only $2.97 for the box-and I got the very last one.  Must be a run on crayons this winter.  I didn't know that there's a box of 96-holy schmoly.  I remember when getting the 16 pack was a big deal over the traditional 8 pack.  The mega 64 wasn't even worth suggesting to Mom to purchase-that was just too extravagant.  Hmmmm.

I love blue.  My favorite color.  I looked long and hard for indigo, and took photos, but nothing that provided any pi-zazz in my mind.  While looking through the photos I took over the past week tho, I found this shot from last Friday night that best fits the challenge-and I like the photo too.
Winter Treat
Winter Treat

An indigo colored sky is something I like to admire.  It happens at that twilight time between dusk and total nightfall.  While I didn't capture that, I did get this shot over a tidal water inlet just after sunset.  Above the pretty pinks, the clouds in the sky look indigo to me.

Looking forward to the next colour.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scavenging 173, 174/365

Sunday, Sunday....time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ashley's Ramblings and Photos.  Check 'em out.

Not feeling much excitement regarding my scavenger items this week.  I'm always so surprised by the sweet comments you all make.  I was actually happy to have a little list in my pocket with something to look for to spur me on.  My creativity with the camera is set to blah-blah-blah.  Winter blues still, but shooting on.  This morning I needed to zip to the grocery for a few items and ended up taking photos of the pre-arranged flower bouquets in the chilly grocery lobby in a desperation move for colour infusion.  I need a fix.

This week I was searching for: Chocolate, Numbers, Canned Food, Music, and Stack.  Here's what I found out on the trail.

Annie's Hearts {173/365}

{173/365} Chocolate:  Can I just say that I work with the BEST secretary of all time?  On Valentine's Day she brought in this plateful of beautiful Valentine cookies surrounded by heart shaped chocolates.  If you think any cookies or candy remain.....ah, NOT.  Thank you Annie.

50 Local

Numbers:  I shared a similar photo on my Weekend Reflections post.  This one however shows the numbers in focus rather than the street reflections.  A window from "Local 50" a downtown restaurant that features local foods from a 50 miles radius.  Cool window designs too.

Chicken Soup

Canned Food:  Chicken soup, of course.  I use very few canned goods, so snagged this shot in the grocery this morning.  Since they now shelve soup sideways-I wonder when Campbells will change the direction of their labels.  Might be a graphic design opportunity here....jus' sayin'.

CD Diptych

Music:  This was the toughest item for me this week.  I'm trying to keep music pushed to the far back burner of my life these days-for sanity sake.  I did have these blank CDs (music could go on them) on my counter and noted the cool red stripe in the morning and the awesome shadow in the afternoon.

Stacked {174/365}

{174/365} Stack:  I love all the lines and patterns in this shot.  The pavilion and picnic tables are ready....just got to  lose that 2+ feet of snow on the ground so we can get in there and join them.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Day All Around 178/365

My mother's birthday was in September.  She lives 2 miles away....I see her often.  For her birthday I gave her a handmade certificate that said I would take her out to lunch.  Today....she cashed in.  At least we were inside of the 6 month mark. 

I wanted to take her to the Green Elephant a restaurant in Portland where I met up with my friend Tex (well Laurie to the rest of the world) and her husband BW when they were visiting Maine last summer.  One of the best meals I'd had in a long time-so I wanted Mom to experience the place too.  Lord knows my father...a steak and potatoes man....would never venture into a vegan restaurant with her.  I'm not a vegan, but I'm willing to eat like one if it means I get to see my dear friend or I get to have a nice outing with my Mom.

I'm really posting these pics for Tex....because she would do the same, I know she would.  Miraculously I remembered to take photos of what we ate....before it was consumed.  Fessing up I had to go back and look at the menu to remember the name of what Mom ordered.

Vegetable Spring Roll

We started with a naughty appetizer of vegetable spring rolls.  Really good.  They came with a delicious and sweet dipping sauce.  Yum.

Peanut Curry

Mom had Peanut Curry...which she liked, but said it was a little too much spicy curry for her taste.

Pad Thai

I had the one of the specials, Pad Thai.  The noodles were delicious and I didn't even mind the broccoli which I normally avoid as way too good for you.  We were honestly too full for dessert and tonight I'm just sipping a bit of red wine and having a few nibblies and calling it good.

After our trip to the restaurant we made a quick stop at the hospital to visit my aunt whose had a lot of health issues this winter and then we were off to WalMart.  I hate Walmart.....but last fall my Mom and I attended a customer appreciation luncheon and each won $25 gift cards to WalMart and agreed to save them for our belated birthday luncheon day.  It was fun to shop.  It was even more fun to finish shopping.  I bought stuff for my pets....big surprise.

As I arrived home there was about 1/2 hour left of sunlight.  The wind was biting cold today-so cold your eyes water, but Miss Tula had been patiently waiting at home ALL day, please and thank you, so off we went.  The light was delicious and Tula didn't seem to mind the cold.  I did manage to make it all worth it with a few gorgeous golden photos.  Tonight my dog is sleeping happily.

From the Beach Road

Golden Dunes

                                                             {178/365} Windswept

All in all....a good day, I'd say.  Reminds me I should make time to spend with my Mom more often.
But now...time for a little movie and relaxation.