Thursday, February 17, 2011


Linking up with Faith over at Simplicity for this week's challenge:  Colorful

Today is the 3rd day in a row that the sun is shining and I feel so much better because of it.  And as an added bonus, yesterday I got my haircut....I was about 3 weeks overdue and feeling right on the edge of Amazonian.  Phew, just made it into the salon before that happened.

As I was settling up with my stylist, Carol, an arrangement of flowers arrived for her.  It was so nice to see colorful flowers that I had to start snapping away with my camera.  Come to think of it....I never did ask her if that was OK, but she had a camera too and we had fun capturing the pretty colours and shapes.

I'm not sure this collage does the arrangement any kind of justice, but taking snaps of something bright and cheery vs. the yucky drab snow and ice du jour, was an ace for me.

Flower Delivery


Tezzie said...

OH, that is SO beautiful! What lovely eye candy to get to photograph (and lucky us to get to see <3).

It's finally been sunny here as well...although INSANELY cold (-30C every day for almost a week). And, you know what?...I got my hair cut yesterday, too. About 7 months overdue ;) Feels good!

Jamie said...

What beautiful spring colored flowers - how could they not brighten everyone's day.

Side by Side said...

So lovely. My favorite color combo is yellow and purple. I had yellow roses in my bridal bouquet.

deb duty said...

The flowers are so pretty. You captured them beautifully!

Miss Becky said...

oh, I'm happy I came here first thing this morning. what a lovely greet to my day. that's just beautiful Susan. have a beautiful day!