Monday, February 14, 2011

Creative Exchange

Linking up with Lisa, of Lisa Gordon Photography, for the first time for the Creative Exchange.  I am crazy about her photography.  Each time I open her blog I'm blown away by her photos. 

The Creative Exchange is about shooting from the heart.  Funny, I used to sing (I'm taking a sabbatical with hopes to return) with a chorus called "Voices from the Heart" which is sort of the same thing only musical.  Part of my interest in photography is trying to find new passion to mend the empty place in my heart that used to be filled with music.  Hmmmm.....just getting this connection right now as I'm blogging and blabbering on.

I've wanted to link with Lisa since spying her meme a few weeks back.  My hesitation has been "the heart" piece....making sure that the photos I posted were taken with heart more than head.  One of the things I love about taking photos are those moments when I get "jazzed".  I'm tip-toeing along in my day, minding my own little ordinary thoughts, when all of a sudden something hits me-often I exclaim..."Look at that.  I want to get that"....out loud to no one in particular tho' the dog is very patient with me and pretends to listen.

I think those moments do come from the heart, from inside-from passion, not from technical know how.   They are feelings transferred to visual expression.  The images collected in those moments, to me seem worthy of sharing here at the Creative Exchange...whether well done or just felt deeply somewhere in that musical photographic heart of mine.

It is Valentine's poignant to understand what's in my heart today.

May Be Sun

Beach Road

Twice yesterday I glanced and was moved immediately to grab the camera and shoot.  Both of these scenes are common to me.  The tree limbs  atop are at the end of my street, and the beach road here is one I drive several times most every week.  It's row of guardian trees with the dainty apricot pink horizon spoke to me.

That's all for now.  Thanks for taking the time to view my photos and read my wandering thoughts.


Anonymous said...

These are subtle and beautiful. I love the delicate silhouettes of the small branches reaching towards and framing a watery sun in the first. The second is beautifully composed and the apricot glow on the horizon is so pretty. :)

lisa said...

Oh Susan, I sure wish you were around when I was trying to explain what I wanted The Creative Exchange to be. You have put it so perfectly here, and I thank you so much for that.

To me photography is music, and feelings, and thoughts, and words, all of which at the very least begin in our hearts.

Your thoughts and your photographs are so perfect for today, and I thank you SO much for sharing them at The Creative Exchange this week.

Happy Valentine's Day Susan!

joco said...

Hiya Susan,

That rosy glow in the distance is to die for in a photograph.As is the sun trying to break through in the other picture.
We have no snow left to enhance our landscapes, but I tri4ed the tracery of branches against the sky too yesterday. Not anywhere with the same success.

Evelyn S. said...

Beautiful winter shots! That winter sky is amazing!

Jamie said...

So gorgeous and peaceful

Scrappy Grams said...

Soothing to my soul. Thank you.

ToadMama said...

Wow. That second picture is gorgeous. You did explain the heart thing well. Sometimes I wish I were more technical, but other times I see what I've captured "just because" and am content. Whatever it is that inspires you to shoot, be it heart or technique, you have a gift. I'm so glad I discovered your blog. :-)

lisa said...

Thank you so much for reposting this Susan, and I am so sorry for the Linky issues on Monday :-(

Have a wonderful dsy!


Anonymous said...

Both are lovely, but I'm especially drawn to the 2nd... the color, though faint, as you mentioned, really stands out! =)

Pat said...

These are lovely images that reflect the passion in your heart!