Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feeling Blessed

Over the past few weeks and months I've received 4....(yes 4, I can hardly believe it) blogger awards from blogger friends out there on the blogger land trail.  Wow.  I am blessed.  And to think I thought I'd just be rambling on and no one would listen.  This is just more proof how wrong I was. 

I'm feeling a little badly because I haven't responded to the awards, haven't done what I'm supposed to do with the awards, haven't thanked the individuals who sent the awards, haven't made a list of whatever it is I'm supposed to "fess up" to and post; I've just sort of left the awards on simmer in the back of my mind.  When award number 4 arrived earlier this week that's when I said: "Self. This award business needs to be attended to."  Today is the day to acknowledge, thank, and pass them on. 

My four wonderful admirers are:

My dear high school friend "Tex", blogger name Laloofah at  Mehitable Days gave me the Happy 101 award.  She always was and still is an amazing and clever writer.  She is a lover of all "critters" and lives in picturesque area of Wyoming. Her stories of daily life are so engaging.  She and her husband are vegans and she is an incredible resource for information, recipes, and mouth watering photos of her vegan creations.  If you stop by her blog and call her Tex, she'll know you're visiting courtesy of me.  Thanks Laurie.

My blogger friend Miss Becky at Shaking the Tree gave me the Inspiring Blogger award. I first visited her blog because I liked the name of it.  Becky's blog is primarily a photo journal, but sometimes she writes a bit too and when she does it's a treat.  She also takes moody entrancing photos. They have a gentle edge to them that I find most appealing.  I feel as if the two of us have been traveling parallel blogger roads since we became acquainted.  We participated in Creativity Boot Camp and are in similar spot on our 365.  One of the things I most appreciate about Becky is she writes lovely thoughtful comments.  I'm just betting she's an amazing listener.  Thanks Becky.

A new blogger friend, Amy at Amy's Life recently gave me a Stylish Blogger award.  That was so sweet, but it also made me laugh.  I don't think anyone would look at me and say "stylish" as I'm such a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.  It was thoughtful of Amy however.  Amy's blog is stylish....I know why she received the award.  It's lively and colorful full of lists, thoughts, advice, family and scenic photos....her blog just bubbles with enthusiasm.  I'm sure she is the same way.  I know Amy really wants to get a "break" for a job in a school and with that kind of personality....I know it will happen for her.  Thanks Amy.

And just the other day Tezzie at not always picture perfect awarded me the Versatile Blogger award. I love Tezzie's photographic eye and the name of her blog is so real.   I love that "real" quality.  She lives in Finland and despite limited winter daylight and biting cold she grabs the most amazing photographs.  I'm sort of awed that she turns 'round and visits my little corner of the world and my novice photographs.  I think Tezzie and I have a growing connection with our mutual love of animals.  My heart is still a little tender for her as she recently had to say goodbye to long time feline companion Molson.  I remember how that feels. Thanks Tezzie.

These lovely awards fill my heart with a sense of being heard, seen, and appreciated.  They come with a variety of "rules" so I'm going to apply a little summing up and averaging out to fill my obligations.

Here are 9 things about me.  Some of these make me happy, inspired, feel stylish, or show my versatility.

1.  I love ice cream.  I am happy to eat it in any season and in weather hot or cold.  I will trade eating a healthy dinner for having an ice cream almost any time.
2.  I'm really starting to believe that pets mirror our personalities.  Those that have come and gone through my life have displayed a sense of where I'm at in my life's journey.  Right now I have timid and affectionate....before that I had zestful and impulsive, and prior to that confused and crabby.  Just reflecting.
3.  I can spend hours oohing and ahing over other blogger's amazing photographs.  I never seem to tire of it.  I am constantly inspired by what I'm seeing.
4.  I think sporting new jeans, cool sneaks, a simple solid colored shirt and sunglasses is my version of stylish.
5.  I'm a girl that likes numbers, math, and football....what a weirdo.
6.  I can spend more time procrastinating than it takes to accomplish the task I'm putting off.
7.  Living near the ocean is one of life's bonuses that I appreciate more and more the older I get.
8.  If you met me in person you'd never know I'm very shy.
9.  I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  Any ideas?

There's a part of me today that's reminded of the chain letters I used to receive as a school girl where you were to duplicate the letter (by hand back in the day) and send it to 6 friends, and send the person at the top some token, potholder, postcard, etc. Then you'd put your name at the bottom of the list and you were then to get 36 of these "tokens" back. And in capital letters there was the warning: DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN. Hmmmm. I never did get any tokens, dishtowels, potholders, postcards, or lottery tickets in the mail. Jus sayin'....

In that spirit I offer any of these awards to any of you who were so kind to read this lengthy post with minimal photographs.  Thank you. I have been and continue to be inspired by so many blogs I visit.  I am touched with the kindness that comes through in the comments I receive and blown away by the lives that are recorded in these blog spaces and this community of sharing.  I sincerely invite you to help yourself as thanks from me.  If you don't take one, you'll break the chain.....

All you have to do is:
Thank me and provide a link back
Share however many things you'd like to about yourself or what inspires you.
And send on the love to another blogger who might appreciate it or need a lift. 
I think it's a great idea for someone just getting started in blogging.  Someone who thinks no one will read or care what they think.  Someone who needs to be heard.

Have a lovely day.


Tezzie said...

I'm so glad you've received such thoughtful recognition of your wonderful space! You always leave such kind and considerate comments, and I'm honoured by the sweet words you've left both for and about me. (and you're right about our mutual love for our pets...thanks for remembering my Molson <3)

I loved reading your tidbits...I'm SO with you on numbers 4 and 6!!! As for what you should be when 'you grow up' took me almost 40 years to finally go to school to 'become' something; I chose something that suited me...practical yet creative, and something that I wasn't doing as a hobby since I wouldn't want to lose one of my freetime loves by turning it into a job. Instead, I went with something I knew nothing about except for the fact that I would love learning about it; I'm now 4 months away from becoming a certified Cabinet Maker and I'm loving every second I get to spend working with wood! Best of luck finding your future career path; I hope you choose one that you will also love <3

Laloofah said...

Sue, I'm glad you enjoyed the award and congratulate you on the others you deservedly received. And I thank you for your very kind words! It's been fun to follow you from your blogging beginnings... so many of your photos were always very good, but now a lot of them are truly stunning.

I think you should be a professional photographer when you grow up. I submit your dripping icicle photo as Exhibit A. ;-)

Miss Becky said...

Hey Susan! I've been out of town for the past couple of days visiting my bff Donna, so I haven't been at my computer so much. and yeah, the Super Bowl celebrations took up a bit of my time too! It's truly an honor to be considered one of your blogging buddies (I feel the same about you!) and thanks for your kind words. It was indeed one of those "aw, shucks" moments for me! You're deserving of each of the awards and it's been such a pleasure watching as you learn and grow in your photography. one thing remains the same though - your keen eye to spot a fabulous photo opportunity and then capture it. that's a gift you've got, and you continue to inspire me every day. thanks Susan, and have a beautiful day!