Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Day All Around 178/365

My mother's birthday was in September.  She lives 2 miles away....I see her often.  For her birthday I gave her a handmade certificate that said I would take her out to lunch.  Today....she cashed in.  At least we were inside of the 6 month mark. 

I wanted to take her to the Green Elephant a restaurant in Portland where I met up with my friend Tex (well Laurie to the rest of the world) and her husband BW when they were visiting Maine last summer.  One of the best meals I'd had in a long time-so I wanted Mom to experience the place too.  Lord knows my father...a steak and potatoes man....would never venture into a vegan restaurant with her.  I'm not a vegan, but I'm willing to eat like one if it means I get to see my dear friend or I get to have a nice outing with my Mom.

I'm really posting these pics for Tex....because she would do the same, I know she would.  Miraculously I remembered to take photos of what we ate....before it was consumed.  Fessing up I had to go back and look at the menu to remember the name of what Mom ordered.

Vegetable Spring Roll

We started with a naughty appetizer of vegetable spring rolls.  Really good.  They came with a delicious and sweet dipping sauce.  Yum.

Peanut Curry

Mom had Peanut Curry...which she liked, but said it was a little too much spicy curry for her taste.

Pad Thai

I had the one of the specials, Pad Thai.  The noodles were delicious and I didn't even mind the broccoli which I normally avoid as way too good for you.  We were honestly too full for dessert and tonight I'm just sipping a bit of red wine and having a few nibblies and calling it good.

After our trip to the restaurant we made a quick stop at the hospital to visit my aunt whose had a lot of health issues this winter and then we were off to WalMart.  I hate Walmart.....but last fall my Mom and I attended a customer appreciation luncheon and each won $25 gift cards to WalMart and agreed to save them for our belated birthday luncheon day.  It was fun to shop.  It was even more fun to finish shopping.  I bought stuff for my pets....big surprise.

As I arrived home there was about 1/2 hour left of sunlight.  The wind was biting cold today-so cold your eyes water, but Miss Tula had been patiently waiting at home ALL day, please and thank you, so off we went.  The light was delicious and Tula didn't seem to mind the cold.  I did manage to make it all worth it with a few gorgeous golden photos.  Tonight my dog is sleeping happily.

From the Beach Road

Golden Dunes

                                                             {178/365} Windswept

All in all....a good day, I'd say.  Reminds me I should make time to spend with my Mom more often.
But now...time for a little movie and relaxation.


Miss Becky said...

you know I always love photos of Tula. but man, that first shot is awesome! you captured some amazing glow-light there. nicely done. that food looks so yummy and here I sit with an empty stomach. it seems you had a really special day with your Mum - thanks for sharing :)

Laloofah said...

Hey, Sue!

Sorry I'm so tardy (and required a nudge) getting to this post, since you took lovely photos of your Green Elephant food and even went back to fetch the name of your mom's meal, mostly for my benefit! :-) I was thrilled to hear you took your mom to "The Ellie" for her birthday dinner! (Your dad's really missing out!) And you betcha I'd have photographed the food. I have a food photo fetish, like every vegan blogger I know. :-) I still find photographing food well to be challenging, but you did a great job!

It all looks delicious and brought back such fun memories of that wonderful dinner we shared! BW, for whom nothing is ever too spicy nor too curried, would have snagged your mom's "too spicy curry" plate before she'd even set her fork down and bought her something else off the menu to replace it. Because he's just selfless that way. ;-) And while his curry-thieving activities had you distracted, I'd have sneaked several bites of your yummy Pad Thai!

What a shame you didn't have room for one of their heavenly desserts! Maybe you can take your mom there for dessert on Mother's Day! (Don't forget your camera!) ;-)

The photos of your romp with Tula are beauties - that first photo has a haunting, melancholy mood to it, and the one of the golden grasses and your golden girl both bathed in golden light are quite magical! Tula is such a sweetheart. Give her kisses for me, and tell you mom happy belated birthday (though I didn't quite make it within the 6-month time frame, it seems!)

(who always eats her broccoli, nom-nom-nom!) ;-)