Sunday, February 13, 2011


Linking up with Faith over at Simplicity for her weekly photo challenge on Hearts.

I almost missed out but finally found something suitable. I was walking the beach with my K-9 companion this morning. We had the entire beach to ourselves, because all the other people in the world were smart enough to stay home. It was cold there in the wind, with just a peep of sun. I happened to glance down and of the millions and millions of rocks on the beach, it was this little one that caught my attention today. How perfect.

Heart Stone

Funny what catches our eye....and what doesn't.

I used it to create a little photographic Valentine that my Dad will find in amongst his email when he arrives at the office tomorrow.


Then I thought my Mom would be disappointed if she didn't have her very own Valentine when she arrives at work tomorrow too....that is, if she remembers to check her email.


This was much more fun that buying a made up greeting at the grocery or Hallmark store.  I think they'll enjoy them even more, since I made them myself.

Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.


Randy said...

So true, these kinds of gifts mean so much more. Excellent find!

Carol Blackburn said...

Aw Susan.......that's so sweet! I bet they love their Valentines.

justine said...

those are so sweet, what a lovely thing to do for your mum and dad and so much nicer than a card. Love your find on your walk, happy valentine's day!

Anita Johnson said...

I know someone who has collected heart shaped rocks her entire life...this one is perfect! I so appreciate that you stop by and comment too. I enjoy your photographic journey here.

Laloofah said...
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Laloofah said...

What a serendipitous find! Your heart stone is indeed perfect, a Valentine from Poseidon. :-)

I love the Valentine emails you made for your folks - so creative and sweet! I'll bet they absolutely loved them.

Happy Valentine's Day, Sue! ♥♡

Cat said...

what a perfect find!