Monday, February 28, 2011

Lavender P64

Linking up with Project 64 for my colorful find for this week....lavender.

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African Violet

Found this pop of lavender near my secretary's desk at the office.  She says it's a type of African Violet....I'm going to have to believe her, cuz I don't know nuttin' much about flowers and things. 

This tiny blossom is about the size of a quarter-the delicate leaves look almost fake, but they are indeed alive.  The fake plants are in the rest of our offices.  Annie's the only one that can keep plants alive.  She says we're not "allowed" to have real plants due to the high death ratio that was occuring.  Annie puts her foot down on things that really matter. (:


Carletta said...

A beautiful lavender!
It does resemble violets. I can't grow them. :)
Love the green background in this.

Carletta@Round The Bend

Scrappy Grams said...

Violets are one house plant that I haven't had any success in growing. :(

Carol Blackburn said...

Great shot, Susan. Listen to Annie.

lisa said...

I LOVE it, and yes, I believe this is an African Violet. A double one, and a truly lovely one! Fantastic photograph of it Susan!
I wish you a wonderful evening!


Jamie said...

What gorgeous detail!

Brooke said...

A pretty find! Thanks for linking up with p64!

LisaF said...

Yes, that's definitely an African violet bloom. I know, because I've killed 3 of them over the years. Would love to know Annie's secret!

Laloofah said...

That's a gorgeous African violet, a gorgeous shade of lavender and a gorgeous photo! African violets are very challenging to keep alive, and Annie's is clearly flourishing. She has a knack for sure! I love that she won't let you flowercidal maniacs have any live plants of your own. ;-)

Kendall said...

Perfect color match!

Cat said...

Beautiful! I love how they shimmer on the petals!