Monday, February 7, 2011

Perspective 163,165/365

Linking up with Maegen over at My Life Set to Words for the Sunday Creative. Why don't you try your creative juices with her prompts?  I find they offer a soul-searching challenge each week.
The Sunday Creative

Perspective is a funny thing.  It changes all the time and can be seen from a variety of places literal and figurative.  I found this word very.....thought provoking and loaded with nuance.  I had to stop myself.

Down ta the Hollar
Sometimes perspective, looking down the road, forward, onward is a beautiful thing.

Slow Going
Sometimes it is not so beautiful....rutted, slippery, loaded with difficulties and need for caution.

Dusky Sky

                                    Sometimes my perspective just moves along with the crowd.

Red Runner

And sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in this big world....which can be a tough thing or, depending on the day, circumstance, or mood even a good thing.

To the River {163/365}
{163/365} Sometimes perspective gets skewed and leads to dead ends....when it's not wise to follow the sheep.

Passing By

Yet other times it's good to sit with the crowd and just watch life go on by.....or to go on alone and ignore those who call us to stop.

The Lank Farm

                           Sometimes the best perspective is taken in from afar.

Sweet Spot {165/365}

{165/365} But often times perspective is so close, that it's right under our noses the whole time.  Aw shucks.


No matter the day's perspective it helps to know, a new day is always coming.  Funny how often we seem (at least I know I do) to lose sight of that.

That's enough on perspective.....


Karin van D. said...

Those footsteps in the white snow, beautiful!

Carol Blackburn said...

Some great shots, Susan...hope you are enjoying the sunny day.

lisa said...

Wow Susan!! You took this and truly "ran" with it. This is just fantastic! Photographs, thoughts, everything so wonderfully done for this one. Love it!!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful study of perspective and all its meanings

Anna Lear said...

I love how you used the photos and the words to give so many, uh, perspectives on the topic. (Pun not intended...) Just beautiful in so many ways. And the photo of seagulls atop the snowbank is priceless. I hope you get a few warmer days to break up this long winter.

Miss Becky said...

Hey Susan - are you doing drive-by shootings? these photos are fabulous. wow. the light and shadows are so awesomely gorgeous. I really like the glow of light on the pine branches in that first one. and then they just get better. your timing is impeccable with your shots, it just amazes me. there's something so dreamy beautiful about that jogger photo; I think it's become one of my faves. I really love it. great job with perspective.

Amiana Li said...

So many times, changing perspective of things changes everything!
I find your landscapes full of snow the ones I like the best :)

justine said...

these shots are so fantastic and I absolutely love your words on perspective. It looks so beautiful and cold where you are, I would like to be that jogger on that big long road.

Maegan Beishline said...

Susan, this is so beautiful! This images, the words, the way you have spoken volumes in a few powerful sentences. Thank you for sharing this with us! We all need some perspective on perspective!

Cat said...

I love your photography!