Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Linking up with Communal Global for my today.  Take a look at all the wonderful todays around the globe.  Always a treat to have a change of view and scenery too.

Today I'm reflecting on friends and how rich they make our lives.  I have a couple friends and we always refer to each other as "Honey".  It started as a take off on the character Karen from the TV show Will & Grace.  Karen would begin each comment she made with "Awww Honey"...and then proceed to make a wise-ass remark. 

Last night I dropped by chorus rehearsal.  I stopped singing a while ago since I can't hear well enough, but I have tons of friends there.  I miss them. Just as I was leaving Honey and Honey were arriving and donning their obligatory nametags (the chorus has 200 members...the nametags really help).  They filled out an extra tag which they slapped on my jacket as I headed out the door.


This morning having totally forgotten the scenario and where I had stuck the badge, a wonderful smile appeared on my face as I jumped in my car on the way to work.

Thanks great to see you if only for a moment last night.  Love ya both....and yes your manicures looked absolutely lovely.  Awww everybody grab a bottle and hunker down. 


Maddy said...

Aww! Love this and Karen from W&G! I'm sure they enjoyed spending time with their "honey" too.

Scrappy Grams said...

I'm always happier when I stop your way.

Jamie said...

What a fun story!

Clare B said...

Great story to accompany the sticker - think I'd have it sitting in my car for a little while longer in case I needed an extra "pick-me-up"