Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Warmth of Friends

Linking up with Maegen for The Sunday Creative.  This week's prompt "warmth".  Ha, ha....funny joke; warmth in the middle of the winter.  Talk about a stretch.

The Sunday Creative

On Sunday under sunny skies and the cold winds of winter I went tubing.  As a kid growing up, there wasn't any tubing-there was only sledding-sledding in your yard, or your neighbor's or on some specially named hill that everyone knew about.  Very early on I used a wooden sled with metal runners and then for my prime sledding years "the blue roll-up"; a flimsy sheet of plastic with yellow handle that zipped down hills so much faster.  I can't remember my last sledding event, but likely it was age 13 or so, when I graduated to the much more mature cross-country skiing or to apathy.  Not sure which.

So, off I went with a group of friends to the "Sports Park".  $22 for a 3 hour pass-and all the tubing a girl could want.  Manufactured snow, big round covered inner tubes, a large building with places to sit, warm up and eat fried foods, music blaring out of huge speakers on the deck, a "people mover" to get one to the top of the hill, and attendants everywhere to push or spin you to get you started down the hill and to remind you to drag your feet at the bottom to keep from sliding right on into the parking lot.  Progress, surely.  I suppose $22 is a bargain.

It was damn cold tubing with the wind whipping, especially at the top of the ginormous hill, so it's odd I'm selecting this info for a prompt on warmth.  What made it warm, were the friends that I enjoyed this experience with, "the Bubbas".  I'll spare you the reason-if there is one-why we're the Bubbas...just take it as is.  We laughed, we were goofy, we spoke Bubba-ese, we didn't care that we were the oldest "tubers" in the place...we had fun.  Enlightening how friends can make you feel warm, even in the coldest places with frozen wet toes.  That's pretty amazing.  Thanks to all my special ya!

Bubba Hill
That there one big-ass Bubba hill.

First yous get yous a "tub".

Brave Bobbi
Sometimes folks a bit nervous 'bout "tubbing".

Happy Bubbas
Bubba Pam "Loweeeen" and Bubba Laura.

Sunny day Bubbas
When you finish yous got ta get outta da way....there's lots of activ'tee down the bottom of the hill.

Goggled up.

Bubba snack
Bubba snack down ta the hollar.

Three "tubs" go faster than just 1 Bubba tub.

Sonja Bubba
Sonja Bubba...why you holdin' that light post like that?

Hold on Bubba
Hold on Bubba!!

Becky Bubba
America's Next Top Bubba Model.


Jamie said...

Wow! And I thought my backyard had become a serious sledding hill.

Carol Blackburn said... survived! How great is that?

James said...

I've never tried this before because it never snowed in Orange County, Ca and I never thought of it in the couple of years that I've lived in Newtown. I've missed out because that looks so FUN!

ToadMama said...

Aw, it seems like you have a VERY special friendship there. Those are rare. Enjoy! Tubbing looks like it was fun. :-)

Scrappy Grams said...

I truly laughed out loud at Sonja Bubba holdin up the light post! ;D

Miss Becky said...

I LOVE this post Susan!!! I've never seen a tubing hill. Ever. when you wrote tubing I had an image in my mind of plain old inner tubes. But I guess that would invite the dragging of the butt on the snow and maybe that wouldn't work. or at least it would make for some sore butts after awhile. this is sophisticated tubing here. I can feel the warmth. definitely.
from all those smiles - especially the next top Bubba Model's. Yous musta had great fun!

Randy said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Great post.

urban muser said...

wow, that looks like fun!!

justine said...

I agree, this looks great and looks like you have lovely friends too!

tania palermo said...

It actually sounds really fun, except for the part about dragging your feel lets you go into the parking lot...and that hot chocolate looks really warm.

Becky said...

You captured the day wonderfully and I saw some things I missed even though I was there! And I look like a happy Bubba at the end! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good times and good friends is definitely warmth!