Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Rush Hour

Day is Done


Coneflower Ranch said...

Very pretty serene sky!

Miss Becky said...

Your photos sans words speak loudly! you've got a lot of lines and angles going on, and some nice dusky light. I'm thinking I get the message! nicely done Susan, have a beautiful evening.

PrairieWalker said...

Nice pictures on your blog. Really studied to Citgo pix-the more I look, the more I see! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have much in common. For ex., you have a passion for music but losing your hearing. I have a passion for photography but losing my sight. But we both have a passion for life that keeps us going!

Jamie said...

Clear skies - such a treat this time of year.

lisa said...

LOVE the Citgo one Susan, and the colors in the second one are so lovely!