Monday, March 28, 2011

Creative Exchange

Linking with Lisa for The Creative Exchange.  Lots of heartfelt creativity at this link up.  Take a look.

Recently spent a wonderful late afternoon playing in the light.  Haven't had a chance to share my photos aside from 2 or 3 that I managed to sneak into other posts where appropriate.  I like sharing photos here at the Creative Exchange, where it's not so much about the quality-though I'm constantly striving for that-but about the process.  Kim Klassen recently shared a post about whether as an artist it is the process or product that drives you.  I think I must be a process kind of girl.  When I was a musician, the rehearsals were for me what it was about, not the performance itself.  The performance was just bonus fun at the end of the journey.

Ahhhhh.  Moving on.  Always so much to ponder.

I didn't set out to capture this....but this is what caught my eye. This ugly beast; abandoned and huge radiating in the afternoon light.  How could I not? 

My photography teacher said she shoots whatever makes her turn her head for a 2nd look. I only needed one look to be sure.

Silent Steps
I thought about the glory days...before.  I thought about how many feet pounded up and down these stairs; working whistle to whistle for a paycheck.  Not an easy life, I'm sure.

And how now, everything looks so lonely, desolate, and done with.  Even the weeds.

Keep Out
Neighboring buildings have not fared much better....perhaps even worse.

These giants now brought to their knees, so to speak.

By the River
My tiny shadow along the bridge between these imposing, mamoth......empty shells.

Squares and Shadows
Shadows and Squares.

Shadow Walk
But in the shadows....a couple with life.

Thanks for taking a look at my post.  A lovely contrast of lively light and decaying buildings.  Very much a delight to my eye.


Scrappy Grams said...

You capture what I find so fascinating- light and shadow! A perfect ending- from old to new life. :)

lisa said...

This looks like an old factory of some type Susan, and there is something about the 4th shot that is just perfection in with all of the others. I think it mirrors the old building perfectly. This was a wonderful series of photographs, and I so enjoyed them.

Thank you for sharing these at The Creative Exchange today.

Have a wonderful evening!


Dyche Designs said...

Great shots, love these.

Lui said...

Yes, they bring memories that we need to remember and to ponder on. I love looking at old buildings and houses and love listening to their stories.

Pat said...

Old structures have a beauty in the history that has played out within their walls. You have captured this factory's strong and honest lines in the light and shadow. I especially love the last photo. Wonderful post!

Jamie said...

These are amazing - you made me want to pay this place a visit.

Rosie said...

I love such old buildings - they have something intriguing and I always wonder what they've seen. Thanks for showing us around!

Miss Becky said...

WOW. your perspectives are fantastic. and the light too. this building reminds me of a huge building in my area that I like to photograph. I keep going back again and again, thinking I'm going to get something better. you have some wonderful shadow shots here. there's a trademark process about your images. someone recently asked me if I think women "image" differently than men, and I had to really think about that, but I love the question. what do you think?

sarayutouched said...

love the last photo and your thoughts on it. great shots!!!

Flower Photography said...

Very interesting. Love the last one and the through the fence.