Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Creatvie Exchange-Soul 195/365

The Sunday CreativeGlad to say I'm linking up with Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange.  I missed my chance last week when I was bogged down with a super labor intensive HW assignment.  It's good to jump back on board.  Thank you Lisa.  I love this link up and what it represents and means.

I'm also linking with Maegen for The Sunday Creative and her prompt this week, Soul.  Thanks to Maegen too....her prompts so often give me creative pause. This post fits with both so well.

Playing in Light

Camera in one hand, heart in the other, so to speak.

Last weekend marked the beginning of Daylight Savings Time....DST. I'm capitalizing it whether it really is capitalized or not-in my heart and psyche it is. Lately my heart and psyche are so winter worn and weary that DST is like huge. Better than Christmas or your birthday.

Bridge Shadows

I got well-intentioned, caring people prodding and poking me, crawling all over me about my photographs-telling me I should display them publicly-somewhere, anywhere.  All of sudden these well-intentioned people are making me crazy with their good intentions, even tho I really do greatly appreciate their kindness, care, and encouragement for me.

My Religion
My Religion

They're making me think about what I'm supposed to do with all these photographs sitting around on my hard drive, on DVD discs and flash drives.  And they're making me wonder what it is I'm saying or feeling or thinking or impulsing or doing taking all these photographs.  I'm giving voice (and yes that is the word I want to use) to images, but why?  what for?  WTF?  to what end?  or better still to what beginning?

Old Fence {195/365}
{195/365} Old Fence

I don't know.  Is that OK, to just be at I don't know for a bit longer?  I've been at "I don't know" for a very long time. I'm trying to think and not think, feel and then really feel and sort stuff out.  I find this whole process taxing and difficult.  Perhaps it is supposed to be difficult. 


So I'm out in the DST running 'round after work in ambient light to warm and feed my winter weary soul. I'm looking for answers to reveal themselves in thy heart not thy head.  I do know I'm so much more alive when I'm doing this-making the chase-finding a kind of jazz that's not musical but visual-rather than sitting at a desk in the land of papers, contracts, and manilla folders trying to solve problems that only agitate me and taste bitter and sour. 

Is the chase thru the light  at the end of the day enough of an off-set?
 ...............I know it's not.  Now what?

Long Lines
Long Lines


Lisa said...

Your photos are lovely so I can understand why people are bugging you. I'm glad DST is here, even though I lost an hour of sleep (very important to me). But it's nice to have the extra light at the end of the day.

Jamie said...

Gorgeous shots! Like you I'm loving DST - so pleasant to have a bit more day.

It's nice people are loving your photos, but I think there is value in taking them for your own joy and learning.

Aly McLoughlin-Harte said...


Just hopped over to your blog after your kind comments!
It is so rare that someone other than my two friends comments on my blog so it was a joy to read a name that I didn't recognise, nevermind someone from across the pond!!
I visited Bangor Maine and stayed in a holiday home in Belfast two years ago with my husbands cousins who live in Nashua (think that's spelt correctly!?) and it was divine! Bike rides and kayaking on your doorstep.
In relation to your blog I can also see why people are encouraging you to pursue something with your photographs, but as a trained artist and wannabe photographer i also know the huge plunge it can be even trying to consider where, when and what to do with them.
I look forward to more of your posts!
ps: Great you're a Madeline Bea follower too!

lisa said...

I truly enjoyed reading this post Susan, and the one question of yours that stayed with me to here is, "To what end?" To me, sometimes "just because" has to be a good enough answer. I ask this same question a lot about my photography, and now I am not sure why I spent so much time laboring over that question. For me, it truly is just because.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post, and your always wonderful photographs at The Creative Exchange this week.

Have a wonderful evening (and enjoy the extra hour of daylight we now have at the end of the day because of DST)!!!


Pat said...

This post was an interesting, thought-provoking read!

Scrappy Grams said...

You're asking yourself why and to what end. I'm 71, so the only question I asked myself was, "Can I afford to buy the kind of camera I want to produce the effects I'm seeing through your lens and other gifted people in Blogland. So much easier to answer. I just want to enjoy what life God has granted to me instead of dwelling in Depression Town. And I am enjoying it. Alleluia! Amen.

Maegan Beishline said...

I always enjoy my trips here, Susan! I feel like I've taken a wonderful walk with you!