Saturday, March 26, 2011

Magnified 212/365

Last minute link up with Maegen for last Sunday's prompt of "Magnified" at The Sunday Creative.

The Sunday Creative

Yesterday my brother's life was magnified.....and I am so lucky I was one of the first to see how his family (and therefore my extended one) has increased.

Welcome Gus {212/365}
{212/365} Welcome Gus

I don't believe there are many things cuter than a new puppy.  Aside from a few chirps here and there this little guy seemed at ease almost right away.  I can see my brother was totally smitten within the first hour.  I look forward to my "puppy time" too.  Fortunately our family business is dog friendly, so I will see Gus most every week day at the office.  Makes going to work just a little bit sweeter.


Flower Photography said...

That face is so adorable! I love those colour dogs too.

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my....what big paws you have Gus! So cute!

ToadMama said...

You really have a great knack for getting just the right perspective. Most people would have tried to get the puppy to sit for a shot. This image is so much sweeter because he looks like a little angel.

lisa said...

Oh Susan, Gus is just precious.
What a gorgeous face, and I'm loving that paw.
I think he's going to be a big boy!!!

Rosie said...

So gorgeous! Welcome Gus! I hope to see more of him...! :-)
Have a wonderful weekend, Susan!

Rachel said...

AHHHH!!!!! SO CUTE! Looks like my Boone when he was a baby!

I am so jealous your workplace is dog friendly. I like your interpretation of the Sunday Creative :)

Jenn said...

Gus is gorgeous!

Miss Becky said...

his name is GUS? I love it. he has ginormous paws and a blue collar. he's adorable, and I'm amazed that you've already captured him sleeping. he sleeps? puppies sleep? I'm looking forward to more pics of him, and watching him grow. those ears.