Thursday, March 3, 2011

Portsmouth Late Afternoon

Linking up with the lovely Lisa over at the Creative Exchange for a few photos from the heart.
You might throw caution to the wind and link up as well.  Is it your head that's thinking or is your heart that's beating when you push that shutter?

I have a dear friend whose husband just had big time surgery.  I'm sorry....and there's nothing I can do, but deliver a nice hot meal so she doesn't have to cook....and to make sure that delivery includes a nice bottle of wine and a sweet treat for dessert.  That's exactly what I did late this afternoon.  I'm sure it was appreciated. 

Along with feeling like I'd done something nice for my sweet friend and her family...I gave myself 45 minutes to shoot some pics in scenic Portsmouth NH where she lives.  Portsmouth is about a 1/2 hour south of where I live in Maine.  Isn't it ironic when you wander a little off your own turf how exciting it can be?  It's the same sunlight, the same reflections, the same glow, but somehow with it shining and bouncing off unfamiliar objects it makes the opportunity into an adventure.  I arrived home feeling fulfilled and energized and with 184 photos crammed onto the memory card, rather than the usual 20 or 30 uninspired images I've been uploading day after day as of late .  Why is that?  Who knows, but to me that says...."fodder for the Creative Exchange", baby.  Photos taken from the heart.

 Hope Nancy and Joe enjoyed the Minestrone Soup, fresh bread, wine, cheese, and chocolate chip bars.  Here are some of my catches in Portsmouth this late aftenoon.

Portsmouth Afternoon
Portsmouth Afternoon
Bridges over Route 1 and Interstate 95 spanning the Piscatiqua River dividing Maine and New Hampshire.

Sanders Fish
Sander's Fish Market
Beautiful afternoon sunlight near the local fish market.

Three fishing vessels tied at the harbor dock with Memorial Bridge beside

Sunset Silhouette
Sunset Silhouette. 
I came to an intersection and straight ahead was this beautiful sight.  How could I not take a photo?

Curly Silhouette
Circular Silhouette.
Aren't silhouettes cool?  If only silhouette wasn't such a difficult word to spell.

Going Round
Round and Round
Taken from the NH State Liquor Store parking lot....view of cars circling 'round at the Portsmouth traffic circle. 

Just as an aside....this again points out that my next purchase NEEDS to be a tripod....note to self, received.


Anika said...

Wow, it is pretty there...very idyllic. And I like the blur of "Round and Round"!

Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Susan and I sure bet your friend did appreciate your kindness. Hope her hubby gets well soon.

lisa said...

What a kind person you are Susan!

I used to visit Portsmouth (as well as Maine) quite a bit when I lived in Boston. Both are beautiful areas, and totally agree with you about not being very far from home and having everything look so different! Not sure why that is, but I know it's true.

Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange this week. Just perfect for it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Pat said...

Beautiful shots of Portsmouth! I love the light in these photos! And the silhouettes of the tree and the staircase are lovely!