Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scarlet P64

Linking up with Project 64....for this week's color challenge, Scarlet.

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Think or Swim

My mouse and mouse pad at home.  The mouse pad was a freebie from a course I took about trading stock options.  Think or Swim is a trading platform sort of like e-Trade with that cute sarcastic talking baby.

Are your eyes glazing over?  I said baby to keep you interested......
Besides having a creative side, I have an analytical side.  I'd really LOVE to learn more and more about stocks, options, and trading in the marketplace making my money make money.  OK-now your eyes are glazing over, I just know it.  ROI, Forex, Vertical spreads, Butterflys and Iron Condors.....come back little Sheba.....don't drift too far away.  See if I could make money doing that, then I'd be able to have moo-lah-lah for taking photos.

I also love this cute little mouse and as I was thinking about scarlet....noticed the cool racing stripes on the side match with the mouse pad and just decided to get it done.  I'm good with that.

If you're an expert on trading options....look me up.  I need a mentor.


Miss Becky said...

you made me spew coffee on my puter screen. and so early in the morning yet. we have like mice. I believe they are exactly the same mouse. and I love mine too. can't help you with trading options but I do love the way your mind works. have a grand day Susan.

Scrappy Grams said...

My eye DID glaze over! That kind of thinking gives me a headgake. Made-up word comes from my best friend/daughter-in-law. :D It means a headache so much worse than any regular, just under a migraine.

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh...everytime I hear the word "scarlet" I think of Gone with the most people's pensions these days with stocks losing money and corrupt investment brokers. I put all my money in certificates of deposit so I can control their slow but steady growth; all except for the pension at my current job which I let them play with since I won't really need it as hubby and I will actually have more money coming in when we retire than we do now (go figure) and paying down the mortgage by putting an extra $100.00 on the principal will pay it off in close to half the time ( a "neat" little trick a lot of folks don't know about). So, with that said I'll take my leave before I wear out my welcome. :)

Sweepy said...

Okay, Susan, I'm the woofy expert.
You choose any money you like, design and print it. Drooly times over. It won't let you buy things but it sure makes it double and more. Woofy advice.

Hey, I design mousepads too.
I chase after mouse too.
Now what is a scarlet?

urban muser said...

oh, yes, my eyes did glaze over a bit. funny post!

Lisa said...

Good for you...You're using both sides of your brain! The secret to success.

Kendall said...

Love your posts! Glad you are part of P64.