Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Scavenger

Linking up with the fab Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Press on through and join in.

This week's hunt included: Vanishing Point, Square Crop/Format, Under, Welcome to the Jungle, and Calm.

Winding Road
Vanishing Point:  This was one of those stop the car moments.  Came over the hill and was just struck by this pretty rural farm scene in the afternoon sun.  The long and winding road, maybe?  What is it about the sunset glistening off the ugly telephone/electric wire that keeps catching me lately?

St Marys
Square Crop:  A pretty church on St Mary's Street.  Thinking it might be St. Mary's church.....waddayathink?

Under:  Fessin' up to a little bridge "thing" that I don't understand.  Nice little "zoom, zoom" heading under the overpass.

Princess P
Welcome to the Jungle:  Totally stumped-totally on this one.  All I got is my "fierce" little lion stalking her prey from atop the chair in the living room.  And to think I refer to this beast as a princess.....she likely scoffs at the moniker-either that or she's all meow and no action.

Gritty Skyline
Calm:  Another drive by shooting....which as a descriptor does sort of ruin the calmness.  Sorry. Something in the raw and gritty bareness makes this image seem calm to me. 

I am soooooooooooooo excited that daylight savings time begins today!  Melt snow melt and give me that light.  As my father likes to start saying right after the first of the year "we're on the right side of summer."  This is one of the first milestones for that being true.  Think I must have me a case of that SAD-or I was truly born a photographer and just didn't know it 'til now.  Happy day to you.


Cat said...

Whoa! I love your photos, especially the vanishing point one! That kitty has some fiercely awesome eyes too!

Brooke said...

Susan - you have such a great eye. I always look forward to what you will come up with. My favs are your Vanishing point - you totally have to stop the car with that view - and your fierce feline. :D And yup - I will gladly give up the hour of sleep if it means we are headed for SPRING. Yahoooo!

Shannon said...

Love your "welcome to the jungle"

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I love your take on each prompt this week- they came out awesome

Anonymous said...

Love the jungle shot - the eye is amazing!

Mad Mind said...

I am so with you on getting the light. It's been very frustrating here. I have to say the "Jungle" shot is more than stunning. Absolutely wonderful.

Stefanie Brown said...

What a great "jungle" shot! Nice!

Barbara said...

I love your little lion :O) That vanishing point shot is wonderful too!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all really great but I especially like your vanishing point shot.

Abby K said...

Your vanishing point is so cool! Good job!!

Scrappy Grams said...

Vanishing point shot is stunning!
The "lion", I want to hold her and listen for her purr!
Maybe it's my age, but I'm attracted to things with rust!
The church is very pretty; St. Mary is a great name for her.
~hugs~ for your comment about being born a photographer!

Miss Becky said...

I love this collection. especially vanishing point, the glow on bricks of St. Mary's, and Princess. her eyes are so beautiful. I'm happy that she has you for a mom. and I'm happy you have her for a best pal. and Tula of course. have a beautiful day Susan!

Marla said...

I love the shot of your cat. Her eyes are beautiful. :)

Marla @

Anita Johnson said...

What a beautiful set of photos and I too, am enjoying every moment of daylight savings time!

Tara said...

Great collection! I love your little lion and vanishing point! I agree, thank you for the time change!

Nicole said...

I love your perfect winding road for Vanishing Point as well as your cat for Jungle. Just beautiful. Great captures!

Carletta said...

Awesome light in vanishing point, and such a sweet little lion! That has to be my favorite. It's adorable.

Carletta@Round The Bend

julie said...

All great shots!! Really love your take on cute!!

lisa said...

Love these photographs Susan!
Of course, loving your "kitty" shot, and also that beautiful s-curve in the first one!
You have a great day!