Friday, March 11, 2011

Window Weekend Reflections

Linking with wonderful James at Newtown Area Photo for this week's weekend reflections.  Thanks to James most every mud puddle is no longer a brown mess, but a canvas for beautiful images.  Join in this meme and you'll start to see reflections everywhere too.

I don't understand what draws me to photograph ordinary seemingly "unbeautiful" things.  I don't know if I see beauty in them, or if there's something in the sadness of a scene that represents something I need to take from within and deposit outside myself, or if I'm subconsciously identifying with it.....or it just is what it is and I need to stop thinking so much.  Someone recently told me to stay out of my own head.  Jeez....that's an abstract I'm not sure I can think all the way through. 

Case in point:  Had to snap this window...all it's colorful come-on advertisements for cigarettes, liquor, lottery tickets-the temptations society struggles with.   In stressed economic times these things call to us, jacked up with a little neon, and take precious if hope resided in the bottom of an ashtray or bottle of beer.  OK....I'll stay out of my head now.

Gary's Beverages
Gary's Beverage Window and Reflections.

Fortunately I'm also called to take photos of things that truly are beautiful.  And jumping back inside my own head for just a moment....I don't question why I'm drawn to a scene that is considered lovely by many.  Of course I would take that photo....why wouldn't I?  Funny I don't think of a subconscious motivation for this type of image.  I do think too much, and wonder too much.  Is that a fault or a blessing?  Perhaps both.

Face Beside Shop Window
Face Beside a Shop Window

I thought this sculptured face so lovely.  Despite my dog pulling on the leash at the end of my left arm, I did get a quick snap of her....the reflections of sidewalk seating and buildings across the street were a bonus I found when I got home and uploaded the photos.

Thanks for checking my window reflections and taking a quick loop around the inside of my head with me.  Yikes.


Reader Wil said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and window reflections. I am impressed that you are a musician and deaf. I was always a great admirer of Beethoven!
But if you really can't hear your music I am very sorry for you.
Thanks for your visit . All photos were taken under the Dutch city of 's Hertogenbosch or as we say " Den Bosch". We made a boat tour on an underground river, which was used as a sewer long ago, but is now a not smelly clean river.
Well I wish you a great weekend.

Sylvia K said...

I do love the way you think and see! I think my getting into photography a couple of years ago has helped me in this late stage of life to see so much that I missed before -- too busy? looking for something else?? who knows?? But what I do know is I see a very different world these days and blogs/photos like yours have been one of the real eye openers and I thank you! I love your pics for the day! Superb as always. May you have a wonderful weekend!


'Tsuki said...

I like the composition of your reflection picture, but the one with the sculpted face is simply awesome... Thanks for sharing your shots and your worlds...

Carol Blackburn said...

Two great shots, Susan. Enjoyed the trip.

Meri said...

Ah -- these are the kind of things I'm drawn to photograph as well. Perhaps because we're both Virgos?

Regina said...

Great one!
Happy weekend reflections.
R e g i n a

Francisca said...

Your thoughts resonate. I have to work to stop the brain chatter at times. Tennis is good for me, because you can't think and "be the ball" at the same time. :-D Since joining memes, I DO find myself capturing scenes I would never have thought to photograph before. I don't mind looking at things from a new perspective. It reminds me that each of us DO have different world views and that not one is the "right" one. I like both your reflection shots today.

Rajlakshmi said...

I love the sculpted face... it looks beautiful to me.

cieldequimper said...

Both photos are wonderful, the first one because it makes me feel like I am in the USA which I wish I was, the second one because it is so poetic!

Kay L. Davies said...

Photographs of everyday things, like the temptations advertised in a store window, are the ones people treasure years afterward. As beautiful as the sculpture is, it might always be that, a work of art. But Gary's store window might one day evoke memories of how you thought or how you felt at that moment. We never know which images become memories.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Miss Becky said...

your thoughts and how you put them to paper are remarkable. I love reading them. and I love love love that face. gorgeous. have a great week Susan!

James said...

Very cool! The lighting really makes the shot!