Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Scavenger 239, 240/365

Linking with Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos for this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Fun place to link up....check it out. 

This weeks search included:  Reflections, Guess What This Is, What's Inside?, Playtime, and Lawn and Garden.

Garage Window
Reflections:  I love looking for reflections....and since I've started really looking for them, well-they're everywhere.  This old garage needs to be torn down.  The other side is completely collapsed...sadly, it's not salvageable-but maybe this rustic door is.  Reflections in the diamond window.
{PS-if you like reflections too, check out the meme weekend reflections hosted by James.}

{240/365} Accumulation
Guess What this Is:  I'm afraid this isn't very clever.  Water droplets on the patio umbrella outside the local cafe.  Plenty of seating available.

What's Inside?:  I love the name of this shop.  It's a hair salon.  The Spartan-esque name so speaks to me.  To me a good haircut is one that doesn't cost a lot, lasts for 6 weeks, and only takes 1/2 hour start to finish....but if I were a hair kind of girl, I'd definitely check this place out.
Pardon the odd blur thing....trying to practice skills for my digital imaging class, clearly more practice is necessary.

Lucky Jack  
Playtime:  My friend Susan's band called "Lucky Jack" had a friends and family concert last week.  (Are you digging that floor and the 70's paneling at the old Mason Building?)  This was their first time playing for an audience and they did great.  Susan was awesome holding down all the beats!!

I've noticed a real lack of color in this post, so I'll show you someone else who thought "Lucky Jack" was pretty awesome too...especially during intermission.  Such joy.


Playing Under Trees
{239/365} Playing Under Trees
Lawn and Garden:  Lawn and garden?  Are you kidding me?  How about mud and bud?  
Just on the verge of looking like spring around here.  I had fun playing under the trees on the library lawn just before dusk the other night.  Across Main Street is the town hall on the far left and the Brick Store Museum with multiple store front faces.


helena said...

Mud and bud sounds like a great title for something! Love the reflection

Anonymous said...

I like the diamond window on the door, it's unusual. Neat scavenger hunt series. I'm with you on the blur. Is that photoshopped?

deb duty said...

Your reflection shot is my favorite this week. That old door is really neat.

Linda R. said...

Great shots this week.. Love the name of that hair shop. sounds like some where I would go.. I not one to spend to much on my hair either.. My favorite has to be the reflection shot..

Buckeroomama said...

I love your Guess What This Is shot! I love the details. I really like your Playtime one, too! :)

Lauren said...

Your lawn shot is so cool... really powerful image!

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm loving your photos this week - I really like your first shot.

Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Susan.....hope your day is beautiful.

Flower Photography said...

Great set - first and last are my faves!

Aleks said...

great job with the umbrella shot!! i also really loved the reflections shot.

Scrappy Grams said...

If that is your door, definitely DON'T let it be trashed, please! If it isn't... It's my fave!

mommy of Five said...

love you droplet shot and reflection one!
Happy Resurrection Day!

Ewa said...

Happy Easter!

Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful images, love the reflections one. Happy Easter.

Brooke said...

Well done Susan. I always look forward to seeing what you come up with ;D

justine said...

brilliant guess what shot, great set of interpretations.

Allison Hoffman said...

great job with the guess what this is!