Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday 219/365

Linking with Jen for Fabulous rules, just photos.

I'm just beyond the half way point of my 365.  Lately my 365 is a little bogged down, but I keep shooting and haven't missed a day.  One thing I've done during the past couple months is "sit" with my photos for awhile.  I shoot every day, but sometimes it's a week or more before I decide which photo from any given day is going to be "the" photo of the day.  Maybe I'm just indecisive....but it feels more like when you make a great minestrone soup-it's good the first day, but 3 days later it's fantastic.  I think I'm dangerously dangling on the edge of metaphor-land and it's going to get ugly if I don't shut up.

One of the other things I've tried to push myself to do is start taking photos of people.  I don't really understand why this is such a challenge to me, but it is.  Today I'm sharing a portrait of my friend Annie.  She has just the best-est smile and such beautiful blue eyes.....they look even better when she's wearing her fave color blue.  She was kind enough to let me play around with my camera....see, told you, good friend. 

Annie and I work together and Friday afternoons are usually slow and boring around the office.  We watch the clock inch towards 5.  When I think Fabulous Friday....I think of fabulous Annie too.  Hope your Friday is fabulous, as well as your weekend.

My Friend Annie {219/365}
{219/365} My Friend Annie


jennyfreckles said...

That's a lovely portrait - I like the way you've cropped it too.

Ashley Sisk said...

What a great shot of her!

Jamie said...

She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Nice portrait of Anne, she has a great smile.

I share your challenge, I don't photograph people. I have no idea why. Maybe I need a camera shrink. I need to get over it because my niece is getting married in June. She hired a pro, so maybe I'll observe him and get some encouragement.

I don't have the chance to shoot every day, but thankfully, I've queued up about 2 weeks worth of daily posts.

lisa said...

I REALLY enjoyed reading this post Susan, and congratulations on being more than halfway through your 365!!!
This portrait of Annie is just beautiful, and oh yes, she has the bestest smile!

Ms. Becky said...

wow, I'd love spending a Friday watching the clock with Annie. I hear you about the 365 thing. I've gone to shooting with film and there's a delay for me - processing. but it has provided some much-needed stimulation to the project. it shakes things up a bit. sitting with your images awhile makes perfect sense. especially when they're as interesting as yours.

Jennifer said...

This is beautiful! "No rules, just photos". I may have to borrow that. Absolutely brilliant! That should be everybody's motto. :)

Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!