Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scavenger Time 226, 228/365

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Great linky so check it on out.

I like this week's list, it was wide open for interpretation and being creative with each topic.  Thanks Ashley.

This week's items were: Time, Poem, Outside, Zoom, and Isolation.

Morning Flight
Time:  Many days I have commitments that don't allow me to photograph at early morning....but when I do, I delight in that precious and beautiful time of day.  On this morning I captured a pink sky and loved the contrast of the little seagulls vs the enormity of the silent shipyard crane sharing the sky. 

Sad and Gray

Poem:  I appreciate but oft don't understand poetry. I'm trying to "get" poetry....there's still time.  I found this poem that resonated with me.

A Secret Life-Stephen Dunn
Why you need to have one
is not much more mysterious than
why you don't say what you think
at the birth of an ugly baby.
Or, you've just made love
and feel you'd rather have been
in a dark booth where your partner
was nodding, whispering yes, yes,
you're brilliant.  The secret life
begins early, is kept alive
by all that's unpopular
in you, all that you know
a Baptist say,or some other
accountant would object to.
It becomes what you'd most protect
if the government said you can protect
one thing, all else is ours.
When you write late at night
it's like a small fire
in a clearing, it's what
radiates and what can hurt
if you get too close to it.
It's why your silence is a kind of truth.
Even when you speak to your best friend,
the one who'll never betray you,
you always leave out one thing;
a secret life is that important.

Purple House on Corner {226/365}
{226/365} Purple House on Corner
Outside:  I love this shot.  Don't know why....perhaps the boldness of someone painting their home purple in the midst of traditional whites, yellow, beiges, and greys or perhaps it reminds me that warmer weather is coming, or perhaps I just like the composition and light....or all of the above.  But thanks for looking and hearing me out.

Green Zoom
Zoom:  Went to see the Portland Pirates AHL playoff game last night.  They won in sudden death overtime 3-2.  This zoomy moment was when the opponents were on the offensive march....but if you look in the glass reflections on the far can see one of the "Pirates" ready on the defense.

{228/365} Simple
Isolation:  I love a single subject from nature-be it a flower, a tree, a leaf, a quiet empty path- in isolation.  These things in solitude seem to beg to be photographed.  A lovely spring display in an area restaurant.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my scavenger finds.  Have a great day.


Lauren said...

LOVE the isolation shot!

Mad Mind said...

I love your outside shot. Nice composition with the splash of color. And the poetry? Absolutely wonderful!

Flower Photography said...

Lovely collection. I like that purple house!!

Susan said...

I like the purple house shot as well. I LOVE your isolation shot! The lighting and composition is gorgeous!

Allison Hoffman said...

beautiful shot of the house - at first glance I thought it was a shot of bermuda :)

Brooke said...

I would love to get at some early shooting too but rarely have the chance. I adore your isolation shot :D Great stuff this week, Susan!

Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful, love the poem and isolation shots.

Bella Skye said...

Nice shots! I love your Isolation picture :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I love that purple house - also love your isolation shot.

Anonymous said...

I like your interpretation of the theme. We have some *funky* colored houses in Bucks county, it seems some people take the Victorian Theme to a whole new level of interpretation. I, too, like the isolation shot.

Meg said...

Your isolation shot is gorgeous! I also really like your poetry one. The raindrops on the window are great! :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Love these, Susan! Zoom is too cool...and so is that purple house.

Buckeroomama said...

I love the zoom shot! My husband is avidly following the NHL right now, because his favorite team (Canucks) is doing really well. =)

Your Isolation shot is BEAUTIFUL!