Friday, April 1, 2011

Stealing Spring 218/365

Linking up with Faith at Simplicity for this week's photo challenge and with Laura at Blogging from Bolivia for macro Friday.

Pulled open the blinds to more +$#*!@# s snow this morning.  I was going to post a photo of it here, but I'll spare you.  You can just pity me in your mind.  I knew it was coming....the weather terrorists (I'm sorry, that's what I refer to weather reporters as....they sooooo relish any kind of dreadful weather event) have been beating their drums for a few days now.

I remember myself as a rebellious unimpressible 12 year old. We often stopped at my grandmother's house on the way to church, to give her a ride. She'd say with a lilt "the crocus are up this morning". She and my mother would chatter about this for a bit while I rolled my eyes and thought "Who cares? What is a crocus? Must be something ugly with such an ugly name." My how I've decided to grow up.

Yesterday, knowing snow was on the way, I thought to steal some spring from a couple yards in town.  My yard is still mostly covered in snow-apparently I have bad snow karma or something.  I found crocus in two locales-and helped myself to some grandmother would surely have been delighted. 


White Wonder
White Wonder

Through Leaves
Through Leaves

Finally {218/365}
{218/365} Finally


Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

simply beautiful each and every one of them. I hope your snow melts soon.

Ashley Sisk said...

LOVE the first shot~!

Anonymous said...

Spring is coming. Really. I'd happily send you some of our forecasted 99 degree day. Oh, for a little chill in the air. Hang in there. Love the crocus shots. One of my favorite spring flowers when I lived in Michigan. Beautiful.


Rachel B said...

Susan, all the shots are beautiful, but I think I have to pick the first and third ones as my favourites :)

Olivia said...

Lovely shots-especially the 3rd one!

Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely crocus shots, Susan...mine are now under about 8 inches of YOU KNOW WHAT!

Scrappy Grams said...

You do admit now how lovely and brave crocus are, don't you? Cob Cottage showed their foot of snow they woke up to this morning.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Just love the little striped one. Lovely spring flowers. Hold on we will get rid of that snow soon. V

Nicole said...

Your first shot of the crocus is beautiful. That color purple really pops. Just beautiful.

Dhemz said... beautiful...awesome shots! Hope you can check out mine HERE. Thanks!

Anika said...

So beautiful. I love crocus! I can't believe you got another round...hang in there!

Tezzie said...

Oh...SO beautiful! Love how you 'stole' spring ;D...and I'm so sorry about the snow. Am sure it's no comfort, but we're still more than knee deep in the stuff, and we had temps dipping down to -19C this week. The weather terrorists (hahaha!!) are promising rain tomorrow, which I'm hoping is true since maybe the snow will finally start it's melting process! Thank you for posting these gorgeous bits of spring...I needed some :D