Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 233/365

Connecting with Rachel, and then she {snapped} for this week's wordless Wednesday, but with words.  Mute no more.

and then, she {snapped}
Something that often strikes me odd is when I run into the grocery for a few things....totally unrelated things.  I wonder what the cashier thinks of my purchase of: loaf of bread, sponges, can of pumpkin, and shampoo.  Strikes me as odd.  If I were a grocery cashier I would think about these things, and therefore likely lose my job for DWW-daydreaming while working.
My post today is along the same theme.  I am not DWW, but my photos totally do not go together.  They're like a "huh?" assortment.  Whereas the boundaries of Wordless Wednesday, but with words are slightly blurred, I thought this the perfect occasion to go out on a limb.
Thanks for taking a look....don't even try to understand the theme, there isn't one.

Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese

Carriage House
Carriage House


Night {233/365}
{233/365} Night


Dyche Designs said...

I often wonder what the cashiers think about unrelated purchases too, glad I'm not the only one. Beautiful shots. The grilled cheese sandwich is making me hungry.

Anonymous said...

Eating a grilled cheese in the carriage house while stretching at night?

My son was a cashier, he told me he never paid attention, but that's a whole 'nuther issue.

Carol Blackburn said...

All are wonderful shots, Susan. That is some odd grocery list. I worked in a CVS pharmacy at night while in nursing school and we would always notice that when the women came in for tampons they bought chocolate. If they didn't we'd ask would you like chocolate with that, and they usually took some. Have a wonderful evening.

Scrappy Grams said...

Brilliant thinking, Carol!
Susan, I'd love for you to make a grilled cheese sandwich for me! Mine has never looked that tempting! A delish idea for Good Friday. :)

lisa said...

Love your thoughts on the cashier at the grocery store Susan!!
Your photos are great. I especially like "Stretch!!"

Anita Johnson said...

I like this collection, because my thoughts are often random too. Sadly, I think the check out folks know exactly what I'm making for dinner because sometimes my mind is just too scattered to think of more than one meal. "So, it looks like you are making tacos tonight..." With gas prices so high, I better start meal planning!

Jamie said...

I loved each picture more as I went down the list - a great collection!

Ms. Becky said...

ooh, this is a smorgasbord of lovely here. they may not be related but they go very well together as I scroll down to the next. the light on that carriage house is gorgeous.
did you make that sandwich? I'm at your house for lunch. and what did you do with the can of pumpkin?