Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creative in my own mind 258/365

Connecting with Lisa today for this week's Creative Exchange.  Thanks Lisa.  I love the creative freedom your link offers.


I've been connecting with Lisa most every week...she pops up her linky on Monday and sometime mid to late week I get around to adding my post. 

I'm such an anal-retentive, I must wait for my creativity to show itself.  I think (no, I know) it's always there, it's just my technical, practical self I'm waiting on to get the hell out of the way so the right brain can steal the show. Good news, today the right brain is here!  Bad news....what's on my right brain's mind. 

Geez, I just took a quick gander at Lisa's link with the pretty blossoms, rural scenes/landscapes, and painterly textures and now I'm sharing me.  Oh well; I'm going with where I'm at...still looking for/trying to understand the creative voice inside-no matter what it's whispering to my right brain.  Thanks for working with me on that one.  One can't lie to oneself on what comes from the heart.

Bob Brown
Bob Brown's Service Station

This is Robert E Brown's service station (or so it says).  It calls to me each time I drive past, which is usually a few times a week.  I wish it wasn't what was speaking in my ear, but it is.  It reminds me of how service stations used to look.  It's a throw-back, old school, retro....Wanted to make sure my photo included the rubber hose that goes "ding" when a car pulls in.

Fill 'er Up
Fill 'er Up

The other day I HAD to take a photo of this side door.  I don't know if the broken window above, the shabby appearance, the narrow-ness, the drippy rusty stains....something was saying "shoot shoot", so I did.
Side Doors
Side Doors

And then I thought "well hell....there are two doors there-normally not great composition, but they don't match and there's a tire beside them and grass poking up along the base....and dents and rust in the old metal building. I better take this too. "  Might you remember when stations had restrooms along the side?  I bet that's what these doors were/are for.  Not wanting to go inside to find out though.

Service Station Office
{258/365}The Office

I peered through the giant windows into the office.  Holy shmoly.  Multiply this by at least 20 and you'll get the idea of what's happening inside that floor to ceiling office space (with the over-sized glass windows so the whole world can see).  Oooh this makes my anal-retentive brain hurt-good thing my right brain is here today.  I imagine the owner knows exactly where everything is- as it looks like it's been there a long time.

Bob Brown's Station
Pansies on Top

Out front....the niceties have not been forgotten however, and this is how I'm getting a blossom into Lisa's link today.  I love the gas pump with "Double" written in Sharpie pen as the pump is too old for current (pathetically awful) prices.

Thank you for traveling with my creative right brain to "Bob's" today.  Hopefully something scenic and beautiful will call to my creative spirit next week.  Have a wondeful day.


lisa said...

You have no idea how perfect this is for The Creative Exchange Susan!! The minute I saw the photograph I remembered a very dear friend of my Dad's (my Dad passed away many years ago) who owned a gas station that looked just like this. My brother and I spent hours there while he and my Dad worked on cars. It no longer looks like this now, and the day I realized that, I cried my eyes out. There are so few of these left.

You have absolutely made my day, especially since I have been fighting to get out of technical mode all morning. I have not succeeded, so I am taking a break!

Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this today.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this brings back some memories. This is from the era where the national oil companies built service stations, long since gone. I love the cluttered shelves - if you took an MRI of my brain, this is probably what it would look like.

Carol Blackburn said...

When I lived back in MA most of the old gas stations had been turned into pizza places or donut shops if not torn down and replaced with modern buildings. Every once in a while you find an old gas pump somewhere. There was was in the next town over last year that had a price of $.89/gallon for regular then I went back to take a pic and they had covered it over on both sides with a wooden for sale sign. Drat! You have some great shots here, Susan. :)

Jamie said...

Love, love that side door shot!

Anonymous said...

I know blogger removed posts during a certain period and reinstated them, but I guess the comments got nuked? This was built by one of the national chains, based on the style. I like the shelves, reminds me of how my brain is organized.

La Principessa Errante said...

These are just fabulous, thank you for the journey.

Anita Johnson said...

This looks just how I remember "filling stations"...the word "double" says it all.

Ms. Becky said...

I suspect some wouldn't agree, but I'd like to see buildings like this on the national historic register...and saved. They are most certainly from a specific era and have a particular vintage style. I'm very pleased that you decided to go with what was in your heart, after peeking at the other submissions and seeing how different was your own. I go through that constantly but have to admit I lack your courage and conviction. so thanks for this beautiful example.
I marvel at how many tires are strewn over that place! these photos tell a story, and that is everything to me. I love the doors.

Mira said...

Hi! The side doors is very nice. I like the composition and clean lines. Thank you so much for your nice comment!

James said...

Great shots! Nice capture of a little bit of history!

I like old service stations like this one. Infact there's one right next to my house but it's a repair shop now (no more gas). As I passed it this morning I was imagining what it and the old Stockburger car dealership across the street was like 60 to 80 yrs ago. Then I realized that If I went back in time not much would change atleast at that spot. I'm sure going to miss Newtown but it will be fun rediscovering my hometown.

Sorry for the ramble. :)

Clare B said...

This is such a lovely old petrol station. My fist mechanic had a place a little like this and I loved it. Somehow made me feel like he was more genuine and honest.

Crunchy Diva said...

i love your pictures of the gas station. the door & the doors totally SPEAK to me. i love taking pics of things shabby, old buildings, paint peeling, run down, & falling over. i'm totally not sure why, but they draw me in. i now find myself itching to take pics of YOUR gas funny.

RainCityGirl said...

I so love the retro feel you captured here. I bet that old tire next to the side door once hung from the key chain of the ladies powder room. Remember how they always hung some huge thing off the key so that you wouldn't steal it? I also love your words about listening when the right brain speaks. Ver nice!