Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fabulous Friday

OK, I totally know that it's Saturday, but somehow my Friday got a little full so I'm sneaking a late entry into Jen's Fabulous Friday on shoot me.  I did take my mom to lunch today for Mother's Day, so I'm day ahead on that score.  It all evens out.  Hope your Friday and your weekend were/are fabulous.


 The bridge crossing over these falls is being replaced....a drawn out year-long project.  I'm tired of going "around" and look forward to the new bridge come November.  A few days back I stopped to see the worker's progress....grabbing a few shots of them laboring, but preferred the beauty and simplicity of this falling water that provides their daily back-drop.  I do not envy them this hard work.

High Wire
On the High Wire

Men at Work
Men at Work


urban muser said...

I love the guy on the high wire. (thanks for your comments about Willow)

Woody said...

Within a 5 mile radius of my home, I know of at least 4 bridges under construction or repair. It's ridiculous, but I enjoy watching (and occasionally) photographing their progress.

Scrappy Grams said...

Even if I were younger, I couldn't do this kind of work. God love them. It is tedious waiting for a bridge to reopen.

Jennifer Thompson said...

Great photo! I just love photos of running water!

Ms. Becky said...

the splash of the water is delicious, and I love the photo of the brave one. I so know what you mean about "going around". this entire urban county is torn up and under construction. there is simply no escape. by the end of last season I was losing my mind, and it begins again. I think it's stimulus money being put to work, and evidence of our over-reliance on automobiles. your last photo says it all. have a great weekend Susan!

helena said...

love the energy in the water photo

Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Susan. When I saw the one you labeled "on the high wire" I immediately thought of one I have of two boys climbing a structure in the playground "future construction workers" maybe. They would make great side by side shots.

Linda Makiej said...