Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fresh Ears! 253, 259/365 blog got extra snazzle-dazzled in the blogger snafu of last week.  For days now I've been able to see my blog and other blogs, but unable to sign in, comment, post, etc.  I have to thank my friend Ms. Becky over at Shaking the Tree who emailed to say "where are you?" and offer encouragement and thoughts about how to get things up and running again.

I'll not bore you with the trivial details....but after nearly a week long hiatus, I'm kind of speechless.  Usually I have plenty to blah, blah, blah about, but tonight I'm almost uncertain where to start or what to include/exclude.  You know, normally these posts have a theme or feature a group of photos or involve a link.  I'm sort of flying without a captain or even a flight attendant here.

Rather strange to be out of the blogger loop.  It's like being on the outside looking in.  I could see the whole world posting and linking and yet I couldn't get there.  Bizarre.  Glad "the ears" are back.  So while you all were busy posting and linking I was here trying not to be frustrated, and continued taking snaps in between the raindrops.


One day I caught some surfers down at the beach.  The water temps must be around 50 degrees....crazy, but fun to take photos of.  Set up my tripod right there along the beach wall.

Pick Me
{259/365} Pick Me

Another afternoon (when the sun actually did make an appearance), I went to Lowe's for an exciting purchase of mulch and stole a few snaps of pretty flowers on display.....

Lowe's Reflections

...and cool reflections in the parking lot.  I'd hoped to link up with James at Weekend Reflections.  I'll catch you again next week James.

Rustic Sunset
{253/365} Rustic Sunset
I caught an overcast sunset or two....


...and managed to capture some azaleas before the pouring rains knocked all their colors off.  I was hoping to link with Ashley for the Scavenger Hunt with these for "give me flowers" and with

On the Wall
On the Wall

my interpretation of "visual contrast" I found in one of the pieces I admired at the Museum of African Culture.

Adding Sparkles
Adding Sparkles

I also have this catch of graphic mural artists in Portsmouth NH I found "in action" and

Bank Windows
Bank Windows

you know, other stuff from out and about....

Skate and there.  It's been a busy week.

Thanks for checking out some of what happened around here last week.  Hope your week was great.


lisa said...

I am so glad things are all fixed Susan!
All of these are wonderful, but the surfer is perfection. You surely caught that at the right time!!
I am glad you are back (missed you here!)

Carol Blackburn said...

Lots of great shots, Susan. Blogger was down for about three days for me as well as other bloggers I know. Some updating going on according to the message that came up on my blog from Google. Glad you are back. It does feel rather weird though doesn't it when you can't post. Some weird kind of withdrawal, huh! Anyway, I love your photos as always.

Anita Johnson said...

Nice variety of photos! Glad you are back. I was sort of surprised by how out of touch I felt with blogger down. I guess i'm more hooked than I thought.

Ms. Becky said...

now I know how much I missed your eye. you amaze me. all the time. the photo of the surfer is perfect action, and I'm thinking it's not your usual stuff. it's interesting because I've been thinking recently how few action shots I take and it's something I want to explore. I'm really loving all of these photos and if I had to pick a fave it would be the guy on the ladder, because it tells a story and I do love me a story in a photo. and the skate boarder too. there's something very fresh about these photos. I'm so glad you're back.

Clare B said...

Glad your back Susan. Blogger has been very, very wierd recently. I'm happily surprised at the moment if when I want to do something it "lets" me.