Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Linking with Faith over at Simplicity for this week's photo challenge....sleep. 

My Dad is a in super bowl caliber...snore monster.  The entire family knows it, and he continues to deny, deny, deny.  I like to take photos of him in "the blue chair" eyes closed, head tilted to one side, mouth agape.  My mom tsskkks each time I do that-her compassion for her mate of more than 50 years still intact.

Frankly, photos of the old man sound asleep and dreaming are NOT attractive and would not make a positive addition to Faith's link this week.  I chose instead to select an image of someone for whom sleeping is an art form AND who still looks beautiful and cozy while doing so.

Tough Job {152/365}
{152/365} Tough Job

As you see, the moniker "Princess" is not an overstatement.  I must confess though, in the right situation this dainty dozer can stir up quite the snoring mambo of her own.  It's pint sized, but pretty loud.  I refer to her as 6 pounds of fur and purr.


Dyche Designs said...

Love that, it made me smile.

Faith said...

Aw - so sweet :) Love the way you captured the grays. I'm not a huge cat fan but a sleeping, purring cat is pretty sweet.

Ashley Sisk said...

I wish I could be a cat - they have it made!

Anika said...

Too cute! What a sweet little bunny.

lisa said...

You make me smile Susan, and Princess is precious!!

urban muser said...

awesome shot. my cat snores a little too, as does willow--thanks for asking about her today, she is improving every day.

Anita Johnson said...

Very cute kitty. Nothing looks more restful than a cat when it's sleeping.Apparently I get a double chin when I sleep. Not pretty. And our dogs snore. Loudly (-:

Light Trigger said...

Oh pretty cat! they love sleeping don't they! amazing!