Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday w/Words

Linking with Rachel at "and then she {snapped}" for this week's Wordless Wednesday, but with words.  More words than I should, but....Rachel doesn't have word rules.  It's all good.

and then, she {snapped}

In my early morning fog it occurred to me that today is May 18th, which instantly sent me back to today in 2004-wow 7 years ago now.  That was the day my first dog passed on.  It wasn't really my first dog, I'd had dogs as a kid, but she was MY first dog.  A wonderful black lab named "Tavi". 

A dear companion, wonderful watch dog, but sadly had lots of arthritis due to poor breeding.  After her first 5 years she spent the remainder of her 13 years slowly and stiffly hobbling around-with a love of life and all things edible in her head.  Around my extended family we came to call her "Granny" because of her slow movements and her crabby disposition when it hurt to move.

So I was just thinking of my old girl today and found this old photo about a year before she died-as an "old timer" she loved to have a little sunbath in the garden-her nose twitching in the breeze.  Miss you my sweet angel.


Not to be outdone....but 2 years ago now, I lost my 2nd dog early one spring morning, May 22.  I am thinking of her today as well.  She also gave me 13 long and wonderful years of companionship. Might as well have a little bittersweet old dog memory party all at once.

  My Abbie was a lover of life and did everything at 110 mph.  She would do and then think-which often got her into trouble and kept me on my toes.  She was fearful of nothing (except a grouchy Granny).  I loved her and her endless zest for life.  I found my favorite photo of her too....waiting with longing eyes for me to say we were going to do "something fun".  Abbie was all about fun.  Aren't dogs just the best?  Whoops....don't let Princess P I said that.  Cats are great too.

Abbie Louise

Miss you my sweet baby girl.  Thanks for all the fun.


helena said...

both photos are so full of character - what lovely memories

Ms. Becky said...

Bittersweet. their eyes say it all. and I like how you remark about the twitching nose in the breeze. it's perfect. in reading Kat's latest post I see that one of your excellent photos was singled out - yay! most deservedly I might add. have a great day Susan.

deb duty said...

Very sweet photos of your dogs. I agree, dogs are the best.

Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute to animals who offer nothing but unconditional love.

Nessa said...

Look at those wise eyes. Great photos of them.