Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Scavenger 214/365

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday. 

Busy weekend.  Late day hooking up with the scavenger hunt list.  Usually I'm a Sunday a.m. girl with my blog and my coffee.  Tonight I'm a  p.m. girl with my blog and my red wine.  If there's an absence of train of thought or lots of mis-spelled words; well, you'll know why.

This week's topics were:  Windows/Doors, Eyelashes, Paint, Leaf Veins, and Faceless Portrait.

Window Table
Window Table
Window/Door:  I enjoy shooting doors, but don't have any door shots this week.  Dad took Mom and I out for breakfast this morning and this recently emptied table caught my eye.  It was a window view, but nothing but coastal fog to see.

Tula Dot {214/365}
Tula Dot {214/365}
Eyelashes:  This is an older photo....I probably even shared it before, but when I read "eyelashes" all I could think of was Tula.  Her eyelashes are the same golden color as her coat and very pretty.  Unfortunately she's a rescue dog and afraid of many things, including the camera.  This was a time when I sort of got a shot of those beautiful golden lashes.
Don't let that sad face fool you....this lady has a really, really good life.

Bike {sh 88}
Paint:  I've actually been repainting my bedroom, but didn't take any photos of me clumsily going up and down the ladder or the array of cans, brushes, rollers and rags currently adorning my kitchen table.  I did think this motorcycle's paint job was pretty cool.  I don't even want to talk about that license plate though.  I'm 99% sure the word is not complimentary to women.

Leaf Vein:  Lots of rainy days this week.  I'm drawn to snap some pics of my hosta plants after each rainfall.  The droplets seem to gather well on their giant leaves.

Faceless Portrait: I know she's missing feet...this was a one shot/sneaky fast grab with Grandpa, Dad, and little brother close at hand.  I just couldn't resist the contrast of the pink and blue in the gorgeous evening light, and the wind playing with her hair and ruffled skirt.  The "men" were paying no attention to her, and I felt badly.  She was trying hard to figure out that huge fishing pole.

Well that's it for this week's hunt.  I'm sure there will be lots of great entries for me to check out.  Thanks for taking a peek at mine.  Can't wait to find out what's on next week's list.  Thanks Ashley.


Dazee Dreamer said...

I love your last photo. So beautiful. Of course, your work is always amazing. Great job.

Linda R. said...

Your leaf shot is amazing.. I just love the water droplets and your editing..

Rose said...


All great shots, I especially like the photo of the little girl...really lovely.

Scrappy Grams said...

love the leaf shot!
looks like she wasn't getting frustrated, good for her!

Anonymous said...

The water drops on the hosta are really great!! I like your interpretations, Tula is putting on a great act, we know she's loved and well cared for!

Susan said...

Hello fellow Susan! I love your first shot, so pretty! Love the paint shot as well, and that last shot does have such wonderful contrast, I love her curls too! Have a GREAT week!

Mad Mind said...

I absolutely love the vein shot. How cool!

Ashley Sisk said...

What a great hunt - you've done a beautiful job. I especially like your first shot. Unique take on the prompt.

Sheila said...

Great Shots! The Leaf Bein picture is amazing!`

Susan said...

GReat shots. My grands love to fish.

I'm another Susan. So nice to meet you!

Anita Johnson said...

My little Bugsy is a rescue too, and like your beautiful tula, is afraid of the camera. He usually looks rather pathetic, even in his new wonderful life. love those eyelashes.

Linda said...

Love them all. The scavenger hunt sounds like a fun project!
I think I am attracted to the little fisher girl because you can just sense the energy and excitement in her body.
thanks for sharing.

Nela said...

Neat photos! I like the raindrops in your leaf veins photo. Great job! :)

Valeria said...

Very cool entries, but the dog.. awwww!!!!