Monday, June 13, 2011

Creative on Monday....amazing 254, 290/365

Linking with Lisa for "the Creative Exchange".  Thanks Lisa for hosting.  BTW, love your link. 

Every Monday like clockwork up pops Lisa's Creative Exchange link accompanied by a beautiful image and thoughtful words.  I love seeing and reading what Lisa posts.  My style (if I have one) is totally different than Lisa's and my mouth oft hangs agape in seeing what she's created-I'm at "wow", because well, I have no idea how she keeps creating such amazing images.  But then I read what she writes and I know that she's just  a real person busy doing her "thang", and I'm just a real person busy doing my "thang" and its all good.  I like that.

So, every Monday with my mouth hanging agape, I think...."geez I've gotta post to Creative Exchange.  I know just what I want to share".  And sometime between that fantastically optimistic thought and the end of the week-well, it doesn't always happen.  So this week, dammit, I'm posting on Monday before the workday gremlins, dog walks, whiny clients, DRs appts, etc can steal away my precious energy for thoughtful posting.

For several weeks now I've wanted to share some photos on street art.  While street art is not my sole or primary interest, I have to confess...I like it.  The often huge scope of it, the bright colours, the use of bricks/cement/mortar as canvas, the mix of emotions, the breathing vibrancy into something worn, tired, forgotten, or abandoned....I don't know.  All that stuff is part of the juice that gets stirred in me.  I KNOW that graffiti is destructive, a nuisance, vandalism....I got that, but still I like it.  Street art is not graffiti and is used more positively; I like both.

In Portsmouth NH there currently is an exhibit of street art at Portsmouth Museum of Art.  I love it.  There are 7 or 8 large scale pieces that have been painted throughout town and more work at the museum itself.  In contrast to graffiti this work is asked for and painted on business-occupied buildings in the midst of quaint downtown.

One night I was lucky enough to be in town when they were working on this large piece.

King Canvas {254/365}
{254/365} King Canvas

  And this little girl is from a piece by Heracut that I find very haunting.

Street Art
Street Art

Yesterday the museum was hosting "the blackbook project".  It wasn't well attended due to graduations/celebrations, but it is a 5 part series that will gather steam as the summer continues.  I am not (at this time, yet) meant to draw things....but I went anyway.  Yay me, for stepping beyond comfortable.


We looked at video examples of street art being created, varying reactions to the large scope pieces, and different means artists used. We learned that street art is a collaborative art form and were given blackbooks to start our inspirations. The idea being the books will be used over the weeks and exchanged between participants so that a completed book will be filled with a variety of artists ideas. Cool.

Yellow Art Triptych
Yellow Art Triptych

In addition to sketching, I had a chance to look around at pieces inside the museum.  One room was set up like a street with "sketches" and doodles....all these yellow papers are quotes.  My favorite...."graffiti is modern tapestry."

 I also met another participant, Jamie, who graciously showed me his established blackbook and some photos of his work.  Not one the of the hired artists, but someone who is passionate about his creations and shared where I could find some of his work in the area.  I couldn't resist and wasn't disappointed....only that it was raining and I couldn't enjoy them longer.

Jamie's Heart
Jamie's Heart

Hilo Look
HiLo Look {290/365}

Orange Net
Orange Net

Yellow Graffiti

If you've followed this trail to the end, I thank you for indulging me.  I know these are not pretty flowers, but are they not like a flower garden in some way?  Full of amazing color and varying shapes and sizes....perhaps they fill the same purpose in different form.

Have a great day....a Monday, can you believe it?


Evelyn S. said...

I'm so glad you reminded me of the term "street art" instead of graffiti! I LOVE it, but live in a rural area where they is not much of either. (I do enjoy the art on the train cars carrying wood chips, though!) When I visited NYC last year, I was enthralled by the obvious street art in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and I saved as much as I could with my camera. The scene with the little girl in your post is just fabulous!

Kay L. Davies said...

There is such a fine line between graffiti and street art that many people lump the two together. I really enjoyed this post today and I learned a lot. Thanks!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Dyche Designs said...

I was drawn to the little girl image too, I love that you've shared this different form of artwork with us.

lisa said...

Susan, you always make me smile!

I love street art, and these are some wonderful examples. The exhibit must have been great. My favorite is "Eyes." Just amazing.

Congratulations on stepping outside your comfort zone also. I know just how you feel when it comes to drawing, but unlike you, i have kind of given up on that! :-)

Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange, and thank you also for such kind words.

Have a wonderful rest of the day!


Ms. Becky said...

well back at ya. I love YOUR post today - that you shared something that may or may not be appreciated for what it is. I embrace the boldness. as I'm typing this Daiseymae is scenting my laptop screen and making it jiggle all around. does Princess P do that while you're trying to get busy with something important? but back to the topic at hand. I'm in agreement about the eyes of Heracut's girl. the entire work is great though - her legs and the fish-girl doll she's toting. that's a thoughtful piece and I like it very much. I also really like your Sketch photo. the hands. when you capture intimacy like you have a tendency to do, it's pretty darn awesome.
great post. I feel more validated in my own link for the Exchange - I felt pretty out on a limb before that because most submissions are flowers. but hey, there are no boundaries for the C.E. and that's what I love about it.
have a great week my friend. thanks for the love.

Carletta said...

I think you and Lisa both write beautifully.:)
Street Art is often so misunderstood. I can't draw or paint so I appreciate all who can no matter what the canvas.
Hopefully Jamie will get his chance to participate one day - his work deserves it.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
Delightful post.

Anonymous said...

That little girl in "Eyes" looks right through you. Amazing work.

snowwhite said...

I see the differences between street art and graffiti very well. Street art is delightful and meaningful like Eyes where the contrast of both eyes, eyes of the girl and eyes of the mermaid doll, are drawn impressively.
Thank you for sharing very interesting post.

Clare B said...

I like street art too. You've managed to find some great examples. You should check-out the movie Banksey - Exit through the Gift Shop. A great spoof-documentary on street art.

Pat said...

Street art adds color to a community in more ways than one. I provides an open-air museum, available to all. I love your photos depicting some awesome examples of this craft!

camaca said...

I just adore this drawings! amazing!

NatureFootstep said...

there were a lot to look at. :)

La Principessa Errante said...

Some of my favorite art. Always love seeing what other people capture in their photos in their own towns. Thanks for sharing.