Monday, June 27, 2011

Exploring Thresholds

Linking with Kat at The Kat Eye View of the World for this week's topic "Threshold". 

This past weekend I was able to escape to Georgetown Maine where my family has had a cottage since I was a child.  This peaceful, quaint fishing village hasn't changed much over the past 35 years and I find that refreshing.  It is becoming more of an artist's community now and has upped it's income by sharing the fishing wharf/pier with a "lobster in the rough" food shack.  This is somewhat common in summertime Maine where casual picnic tables fill with tourists munching on steamed lobsters and clams with hot drawn butter.  That has also increased the traffic flow.  People drive 12 miles down the peninsula just for the opportunity.

I digress....again.

So, on a foggy weekend I went off, away from the food shack, in search of thresholds.  Not surprised, I didn't find many.  People generally don't have gates and locked doors in this village-it's rather bare bones; unlocked doors, open land, simple homes, and water views.  I know, sounds horrible, right?  So, I did a little creative maneuvering to try and get a handle on this topic.  I'll have to try some more in a little less rural locale.

Summer Woodpile
Summer Woodpile

From the porch of a down the street neighbor I thought this view through the railing might have a sense of threshold.  I suppose, tripping over the railing to get to the lush lawn for a close up view of the harbor, might be an issue.  Work with me, I'm thinking outside the box.

Blue Chairs
Blue Chairs

I suppose you could step over this stone wall instead.  I liked the blue adirondaks no matter if they provide threshold or not.  Sitting a spell here on a sunny day would be a fine way to relax.


Told you it was foggy.  One half the threshold is missing, but I found the view in the distance veiled and mysterious.  Mysterious enough so you better know how to use a compass if you venture out.

Covered Porch
Covered Porch

I think this is my favorite.  Dad took Mom and I out for breakfast.  I'd like to tell you that this is our porch, is the porch at the fabulous Gray Havens Inn.  Great place to stay if you like an old style inn beside the ocean, or to stop by if you like a great breakfast.

Private Road
Private Road

Great place to take Tula for a woodsy run.  She's hiding on the other side of these tall ferns.


On my way back to civilization, I stopped below the Bath Bridge beside the well-known Bath Iron Works along the Kennebec River.  Perhaps this view down the RR tracks with views to the opposite side of the river creates an industrial threshold.

Thanks for checking out my threshold photos.  I'm going to keep a look out and see what else I can find.  Thanks Kat.  Hope you're traveling well.


missing moments said...

You've captured so well the essence of Maine ... my favorite place ... well, in the summer. LOL

La Principessa Errante said...

Every one of these are just spectacular. They really need to be treasured

Woody said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed each of these thresholds, every one a winner!

Phyllis said...

Your photos are lovely, I want to be sitting on that porch!! Yes I see that we were both "in the fog" this past weekend!! I found out that taking photo's in the fog is fun! We actually spent more time exploring the Cape on a cloudy day than we would have if it had been sunny. Wish we were there for the summer - but just a long weekend and back to work on Monday!

Kat Sloma said...

I love your creative take on this prompt, Susan! My favorite is the land/sea threshold with the fog. It's kind of mysterious. Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera again! I love reading your posts on the topics. So much fun!

JM said...

I was trying to find a favourite photo on this post but, actually, I can't. All are lovely compositions and that place looks really tranquil.

gina said...

Lovely photos of a beautiful place. I especially like your porch image.