Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm All About Friday

Linking with Fabulous Friday and Favorite Photo of the Week today on favorite day of the week.

My office secretary has been on a well deserved vacation this week, but I really miss her when she's not there.  Not only do I miss her company and friendship, but I miss her being there in general.  She's the glue that holds the office together and the ship doesn't run so well without it's captain.  Never be fooled into thinking the captain is the boss.

That said I've not had as much time for posting this week, or processing photos.  I had an impromptu and very fun photo outing on Monday evening where I kept snapping until 9 p.m. I had some lovely shots from earlier in the evening and some sundown shots and then some after sundown. On Tuesday I also made some pretty shots in evening....the longest day of the year- what a joy.  Have I processed any of these yet?  Hell no.  No time.

Yesterday I did mess a bit with a couple.  Favorite-there's likely a bunch of faves in the group, but this one pleased me and will suffice for now as a favorite.


Each time I'm in Portsmouth I'm drawn to these bridges like a moth to flame.  This was the first time I went up on Memorial Bridge and shot from there.  The sky was magnificent.

And here's another from the bridge.  I like this one as well, but that first one....going to be hard to jump over that as a favorite.


Love the movement of the river and the sunset glowing on the ripples and flow.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Drizzly rain predicted for me.  Hope those weather terrorists are wrong with their forecast.


Anonymous said...

I like the bridge shot too, the light is wonderful. There is a Sunday Bridges meme you might want to submit this to:

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, looks like the rain is here, too. Great shots!
Anonymous aka Carol B.

Scrappy Grams said...

oh, how I wish I lived by a lake or sea! my heart cries out each time I see photos like these!
BTW, in the school where I taught, the one person who was missed the most when she wasn't there was the school secretary. so much knowledge of the school's smooth flowing was stored just in her head!

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Your shots of the bridges and boats have a very calm and pleasing palette of neutral colors. The late day lighting gives them a lovely warmth as well. Have a great weekend. Hope it doesn't rain too much!

Abi said...

Ok, I have to admit that I love the boats a little bit more than the bridge... they're both super awesome! The color/contrast combo is delightful.