Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Window

Linking with 52 Photos Project for "what's outside my window", this week;s topic.
52 Photos Project


Much of my days mood depends on my first glance toward "what's outside my window" in the morning.  If there are peeks of orange warmth along the edge and through the small holes in the blinds it offers energy....if it is grey and bleak, I usually feel blah.

While there are things outside my window, I'm tired of them...the same trees, patio umbrella, old shed, fire hydrant, and blue spruce way out on the back corner of the lot.  When I first read of this challenge I immediately thought of my mood indicator right beside my bed.


lisa said...

Just perfect Susan, and it sure looks like good light to me!!

Jamie said...

What an interesting take on the theme - I love the way our moods can take them into completely different directions

Anonymous said...

Well today started rather bleak, but the sun has come out.

Sometimes, the 'same old' can amaze you with a different perspective or different camera settings.