Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Mash-Up 318, 324/365

Linking with the sweet and talented Lisa (are not her images just fantastic?) for the Creative Exchange.  Love this link, but feel like I'm always jumping in at the last moment.  What is it they like to say?...."last one in is a rotten egg", but I'm going to let that bounce off and go with and own the more adult, more practical, "better late than never".  There is a giant 6 year old that inhabits my being most of the time.  Do not get me going on the "trick or treat" phrase or the whole Batman smells portion of Jingle Bells.  Am I off topic?  Again?

I don't look at (I learned that phrase in the south-in lieu of "watch") much TV.  Mostly if I need a fix I flop in a Netflix-guilty pleasures: Project Runway (and I am sooooo a jeans and t-shirt girl; I own no skirts or dresses or pumps-no one believes me on this selection), LOST, Boston Legal, and....what brings me finally 'round to my point; Glee.  How can you not like that show?  I feel as though I should shut it off each time I watch it and then I can't.  The musical numbers are totally unrealistic for HS kids to pull off (in a week-no less an entire semester), but they are amazing!!  Even without being able to hear them completely, I'm blown away.

I mention Glee, because I'm calling this week a "mash up" which means a group of things and in this case unrelated.  Hodge-podge, pot luck, hit or get the idea.  I'm really behind on my images, so this is a good opportunity to share some that got lost in the shuffle.

Summer Susans
Summer Susan's

Riley {sh 66}
Relaxed Riley {324/365}

Mother and Child
Mother and Child

Flower Escape
{318/365} Flower Escape

Trees {sh 80}

Fallen Bricks
Fallen Bricks

Thanks for checking out my summer "mash-up" and helping me pare down the growing pile of unused images. And a wonderful summer day to you-unless of course you're down-under and then I'm hopeful that the darker season is being kind.


lisa said...

Your mash-up is wonderful Susan, especially Riley! Love that shot!!

Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


missing moments said...

Very nice mash up but loving those dogs paws!

Anonymous said...

an array of beautiful scenes & cool shots... I love the roadway shot w/ the trees, but I have a 'thing' for shooting paths/walkways/roadways. LoL!

Dyche Designs said...

Loving the dog paws and the fallen bricks. :0)

Anonymous said...

I like the dog paws too, but the flower escapes intrigues me, I like it a bunch.

Carol Blackburn said...

Flower escape? How cute, Susan. All great shots.

Ms. Becky said...

I'm loving the flower escape. that's a WOW. and now just who is Riley? no matter, great shot and adorable pose. as long as Tula approves of this relationship, it's alright by me. this may surprise you, but I think my fave is Mother and Child. it's one of those photos I want to turn and glance at all day long. have a fun day Susan.

Brenda said...

Loving Glee as well.

I like the way the path curves out of the shot in "Trees" - I want to know what is around that bend.

"Flower Escape" - very clever title and great shot.

Also like the disarray of "Fallen Bricks".

All great shots!

Jamie said...

This mashup is Schuster-worthy

bettyl said...

Funny you should mention 'down under'! I have photos of our snow that caused quite a ruckus!

Laloofah said...

I missed this one somehow! But I'm glad I found it, "better late than never!" (Funny, I just published a new post with that title!)

"Flower escape" - a very clever name for a very cool photo! Is Riley a playmate of Tula's? (Willow often lies with her paws crossed like that, prompting a friend to nickname her "Princess Prettypaws").

My favorites are the last two. The trees look like a friendly receiving line, and I too want to follow the road around that bend and beyond. And though it looks like someone got themselves a project they may not have wanted, I love that look of exposed brick behind plaster and would have probably been thrilled to get that effect in my wall! That photo looks trés European...