Monday, July 25, 2011

Exploring Repeated Patterns

Linking with Kat for "Exploring with a Camera" where I've been looking for repeated patterns and repetition....she makes it look so easy, I'm not sure I'm quite on the right page yet.  I'll keep on looking. 

It's been hot here in Maine; I'm not complaining-I hate January.  You don't have to shovel heat.  In some ways the heat was good as it made me slow down.  You have to do that walk I used to do when I lived in Florida for awhile, or like the islanders do when you visit Martinique or St. Croix.  They know how to get someplace with a laid back lope that keeps them from getting overheated.  They know how to conserve movement.  I need to see that modeled for me again. do I get off topic so stinkin' fast?  The other day I was looking for those patterns and while slowed down, I actually found a few.

Iron Fence
Iron Fence
I think I noticed the flowers poking through the old iron posts before the repetion they made.  I rather like the diagonal shadow cast across the bars, but perhaps that takes away from the pattern.

Backside Reality
Backside Reality
The front of this building is "all that", restaurants and quaint shops....behind the scenes is a little more gritty.  I like me some grit from time to time, in fact perhaps a little more often than that.  A few different repetitions here-and a touch of graffiti.  Hoo-yah.

Bar Hop
Bar Hop
Oh the things we do while waiting patiently.  If I have my camera, I'm always playing with things.

Four Boats
Four Boats
I took this shot for the reflections in the water a few weeks back.  While the marina in the back drop is a little busy I like the white shells, and the masts in reflection on the water.  Too bad that Boston Whaler is in the way.

Thanks for checking out my patterns.  I'll be looking for more that aren't broken up by other items.


Jamie said...

Love those boats (and the new blog layout!)

Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful shots, I especially love the boats and the glasses. Crazy hot here in VA, it feels like such an effort to do anything. Hoping it breaks soon and that we get some cooler weather coming through.

Laloofah said...

Whoa, I got all disoriented there for a bit! You've really redecorated - love what you've done with the place. :-)

Repeating patterns... being on the lookout for that would make you keep your wits about you. I really like the iron fence and the wine glasses. Can't begin to say why, I just do. :-)

Boat #6 looks must have showed up late and lost his assigned spot!

Anonymous said...

I like the new look, very chic! Your patterns are great, I always like to look for them.

Whoever arranged the boats needs remedial math ;-)

The nasty hot blew out today, but it took 2.6" of rain, most of which fell in less than an hour.

Ms. Becky said...

you crack me up. laid back lope. I know precisely what you mean. I got a bit stuck with repeating patterns. and yeah, Kat does make it look so easy. but so too do you. I love that last photo. again, the light. you capture that so well. have a fun week and stay cool.

Kay L. Davies said...

I noticed the 2-4-8-6 right away, so I guess I'd pass remedial math if I took a course in it. Love that photo anyway. You have reflections of all four masts despite the whaler in the way, just missed the hull of the fourth boat. Not bad atallatall.
Now I'm going to be looking for repeating patterns. I like the idea.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Elsie said...

Great pictures, love that, like the stair.

urban muser said...

you found some really great patterns here.

Kat Sloma said...

Great eye for patterns! I don't know what you are talking about, you make it look easy too. :) I really like the flowers poking out the fence, the bars make a great repeating pattern. Thanks so much for linking in!

Clare B said...

You've changed your blog layout since I last visited - looks great. The black background sets of the photos very nicely :). Love the flowers popping through the fence in the first picture too.