Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Light Exchange 312/365

Linking with Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange. 

The last few days my photographic butt has been dragging a little.  I'm a month and a half away from completing my 365 and haven't missed a day; most of the time that's a good thing, but sometimes I'd just like a day off or to shoot pics on a want to rather than have to basis.  Lately I've pulled myself out the door when I wished I could be sitting down with a glass of red wine instead.

I've grown weary of my favorite haunts and have had little luck finding new ones or some that inspire.  I go out, dog on leash, seeing where my eye leads me.  Its always the the light.  Is it snobbery to say I really don't care to shoot photos unless the sun hasn't risen to or has gone beyond 45 degrees in the sky?  Midday I almost never have the urge to shoot photos....the light isn't speaking to me.  I guess I need to figure out how to make the rest of the day work.  I'm missing a lot of hours, and I could perhaps have that red wine if the photos were gathered earlier.

The other night I had zero photos in the camera and it was 6:20 p.m.  The search for light was on.  It's not an intentional search, it just sort of happens.  I'm sure if I saw a paper clip, car bumper, or discarded cardboard box and the light was right-I'd take a photo.  As it turned out, the light lead me to plenty of opportunities and enough shots to fill my camera and find some winners.  Oh God, I just wrote winters by accident....let's NOT go there.

In Rocker
In Rocker
While I was putting Tula's leash on, I found my first photo of the day.  If I were a smart woman, I'd put down the leash and camera, pour the red wine, and call it a day.  Princess P is a champion napper.

Mile Road
Mile Road
The sky wasn't sure if it wanted to stay with the sun, or bring on a thunderstorm.  I liked how the light was bouncing off grasses, road, and guardrail.

Changing Lures
Changing Lures
Loved the way the sun was creating a beautiful glow on his skin.

Stealing Beauty
Stealing Beauty
These flowers were surrounding a patio where some folks were sitting out (likely drinking red wine).  I wonder what they thought of me sticking my zoom out the window, and stealing a few clicks from their garden.

Emily Rachael
Emily Rachael
See that nice glow behind this docked boat?.....light was getting more tempting.

I've got a bunch of seagull photos.  The gulls are everywhere around much like pigeons or crows.  The tourists feed them-which only encourages them more, but I still think they look graceful in flight.

I really wasn't looking for sunset shots, can't let this go by without a few snaps.

In Awe
In Awe {312/365}
And it only got better. 
I guess inspiration was a little closer than I'd thought.
After this I went home, downloaded my photos, and had that red wine I'd anticipated earlier.

Thanks for checking in on my pics for the Creative Exchange.  There are so many wonderful images in the linky to choose from, I do appreciate you looking at mine.


lisa said...

Sure glad someone else out there shares my feelings Susan! If it's not early morning or evening, or somewhat overcast, I am not using my camera. I really dislike the light in the middle of the day.

For someone who sounded somewhat uninspired, you sure got some gorgeous shots, and I thank you for sharing them at The Creative Exchange.

I've done two 365's, one privately and one "publcly," and for me the last 2 months were the hardest both times. What helped me was to look back at my first few days, and then look at the more current stuff. Once I saw how far I had come, I was "back in the game" again!. Give it a try if you have a minute, and I'd love it if you'd let me know if it helped some!

Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

I'd say that your wait was worth it :-)

Roadside Rustic said...

Great photos. Thanks for stopping by the other day. I'm running a little behind on commenting.

missing moments said...

All the light is captured so nicely but especially like how it steals the flowers!

Pat said...

Lovely captures! I do really love everything about the first one - but then, I'm partial to cats!

Clare B said...

The summer nights are incredibly long here - it's already very light by 7-8am. Lately I've been waking up around 4am and been suprised that dawn is already starting (!) I'd need to get out very early to capture it. Needless to say when I have been taking photographs I've been focusing on the dappled light through windows and the shadows cast by trees.

Cedar said...

These are lovely! Every one just got better and better! I am starting to be a "light snob" but my kids insist on doing cute things all through the day so it keeps me challenged.

That sunset is truly gorgeous and I love the changing lures and the flowers you "stole."

I am so glad you are taking Kat's class even if you didn't win. It is clear you are talented and will put to use anything we learn. See you in class :)

Poetic Soul said...

I'm glad you didn't chill with a glass of red wine, because these are stunning. I love the fisher dude

justine said...

you always manage to capture the most beautiful light in your shots. I so know how you feel about the 365, I am on day 291 and have missed a few, it it really gets too hard I think oh well, it will just take me a bit longer but I too am struggling but refuse to give up. What about a theme for the last month? that is what I am thinking of doing.

Ms. Becky said...

I agree with Justine - I know of no one who captures light better than you. my usual hours are mid-day and that's the light I like the least, so WHAT am I doing??? my fave here is Mile Road. it has it all.
I think we began our 365 around the same time, but I didn't keep track so I haven't a clue when I'll be finished. I intend to keep on going anyway so the date isn't that relevant. I think you ought to go back and have a good look at your early photos and compare, as Lisa suggested. I did that and some of the photos I took I'm thinking "what was I thinking?". but I still have those thoughts! whatever. I'm off to have a Corona. cheers! Susan.

Gilly said...

Glad you got that glass of red wine in the end!

I'm just the opposite when it comes to light. I really like the sharp contrasts when the sun is high in the sky, although I do love that golden glow you get later on (and early, too, but I like my bed too much to experience that very often). But overcast days? - not for me. I can't get excited at all, which is why I don't photograph nearly so much in winter.

I really do admire anyone who manages to complete a 365; I know I wouldn't have the stamina. Hope the rest of it is easy and painless!