Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Scavenging 337,338/365

Yay!  Sunday...time to link with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

This week I was on the look out for:  Walking Empty Streets, Repeating Patterns, Floor, Then and Now, and Fingertips.

Playing In Traffic
Playing In Traffic
Walking Empty Streets:  I had a vision for this topic....this isn't it, but I like it anyway.  Can't believe I could catch an empty street in high tourist season on a Saturday evening at 7:00.  Everyone must have been checking in at their restaurant of choice for dinner.  Confessing I did have to clear the roadway between shadows.

Lines with Flowers
Lines with Flowers
Repeating Patterns:  I love this topic Kat offered for "exploring with a camera".  The more photos I took, the more patterns I saw.  This was a lucky find outside of an antique store, closed for the day.  I was drawn to the chair, but got the shadows and window panes as bonus.  Cha-ching.

Circles and Squares
Circle Gets the Square
Floor:  Ok, weirdo...I'll own that.  I don't make a habit of taking my camera to the gym...but each time I use the pool I have the urge to shoot the beauty in light and reflections I see in the water.  I'm going to need a water repellent camera.  I also found some great patterns in the locker room after my swim.  Thankfully it was off hours so no one caught me shooting towel racks, locker doors, and.....shower drains.

Pitcher {337/365}
Then and Now:  In an "art barn" old pitcher still able to be used today.

Had a wonderful and fun day trip to Star Island-a throw back to another era.  "Star" is an hour from the coast of NH-access by passenger ferry.  No cars only walking, old buildings, a huge old "Grand Hotel" complete with wide front porch lined with rocking chairs (and views to die for), a lobby with tables for puzzles/card games, a dining room for family-style meals, and a piano that someone will randomly play from time to time.  It is a center for retreat and conference...appeals to artists, writers, environmentalists and me.  They offer all kinds of personal growth and artist conferences throughout the warm weather months.  Need a respite from reality?  Check it out.

Fingertips {338/365}
Fingertips:  I felt almost guilty taking this shot of a young couple at sundown.  There's a part of me that wishes I was that girl.  I suppose it would have been good to crop this down, remove the signs, but they were perched there at the edge of the quiet parking area-and I was doing a sneaky grab-and well that's part of the charm of young love-doesn't matter where you're sneaking off to.

Thanks for checking out my scavenger finds, now on with the rest of the day.  I hope you have a pleasant and restful one planned for yourself.


Mad Mind said...

I love your fingertips shot. It is so sweet. And I would never judge you on the floor shot. I take photos of things other people are giving me the "stink" eye for. LOL!

Kathy said...

This is my first week participating in the Scavenger Hunt. I very much enjoyed your submissions! I find such inspiration the photography of particular your "empty street" and "then and now" photos. Altho I have to "I" am tempted to take MY camera to the pool with me when I swim laps! And as my best friend told me "weirdo" just means "creative"!!!


lisa said...

These are AMAZING Susan!!
Love "Lines with Flowers." The light is just spectacular.

Happy Sunday to you!

Susan said...

What a great collection! Love the bench and all of the patterns. The great pitcher in the window, and such a creative empty road shot! (I tried to see if you were spelling something in the shadows but couldn’t tell.)

Laloofah said...

(I think she's trying to spell "YMCA" with her shadow. LOL - were you in that KHS talent contest group, Sue? I remember Liz Whitney and I think Maria Rouillard, but can't recall who else was part of that skit. I do remember it was great, though!)

Love your takes on the prompts! For some indefinable reason, the empty street shot in K'port made me very homesick. I love the chair back & flowers and the graceful vintage pitcher in the window, and LOL'ed at my image of you photographing the shower drain. We will risk public humiliation in myriad creative ways on behalf of our blogs, won't we? :-)

Your last photo is such a tender and lovely moment, so perfect for "fingertips!" I'm glad you captured it to share with us.

I'm glad you enjoyed a fun getaway, I'd never heard of Star Island!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I absolutely love the creativity in the first one & the tenderness of the last. Beautiful job!

Mira said...

beautiful photos my dear! Looks like you've been busy! :)

MG Atwood said...

Nice set. I love looking at everyone's ideas for the week. only my second week, but I must say I love the empty street shot of yours!

Stasha said...

Lovely circle and square shot. All wonderful captures.

Ashley Sisk said...

This entire set feels so inspired....I can really tell you've got some creative energy going on and I love it. Great work!

Rose said...

I love all these shots, and I think Finger Tips is my favorite, so soft and evocative...I get you're meaning about wanting to be the girl. Looking at it makes me feel like I want to be there...just as well they don't know about all of us unwanted intruders!

I think taking water shots is a great idea. And, yeah, I think folks might think it a little odd someone taking photos of drains and towel, but to great effect. Very clever takes on the scavenger hunt themes!

Rebecca said...

Love the window with the pitcher! A window photo is nice but with the pitcher you have an added bonus.

Buckeroomama said...

Great set, Susan! I so love the last shot... ah, young love. :)

Ms. Becky said...

Hey Susan, your photos for Hunt this week are so inspiring, you lit a fire under me to join in for the first time. I couldn't take it no mo. the Playing In Traffic collage is so much fun. it has Susan written all over it. do'h! in more ways than one, alright? your photos are always thoughtful and that's what I love about your series. and I'm always happy when you slip a sunset dreamer in there. wishing you a fab week ahead my friend. hope you're in the cool there. :)

Cedar said...

Wonderful set! Lovely fingertips shot and a very creative take on walking empty streets! Kat's repeating patterns has opened my eyes to a whole new level of beauty and your repeating pattern is LOVELY!

Siuan @ Snowbound said...

Beautiful pictures.

Katie said...

Beautiful! I love the circle gets the square shot!