Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Reflections 331/365

Linking with James today for weekend of the most beautiful memes out there.  James never fails to delight with his reflected images and there are many more beauties in the linky.  Check it out.

Today is the FIRST day this summer I am taking a day off from work...playing hooky....(not hockey) and going off with a group of friends.  I'm posting my weekend reflections early and will hit the link up later today when I arrive home exhausted and all laughed out.  While I've had some weekends unencumbered by work schedule, I've not done any getaways, stay-cations, nuttin'.  Looking forward to this little oasis in the midst of summer.  Desperately needed.  Hope to get some snaps too.

Reflections from out and about this past week.

Patio Tables
Patio Tables {331/365}
I think this is one of my favorite reflections I've even taken.  I love the street scene ringed in the gold colored writing on the window.  Perhaps it's just my romantic side thinking how lovely it would be to sit at those umbrella covered tables under the bend of the trees.  Would not a glass of red wine paired with a light entree taste 10 times better here than someplace else?

Stonewall Kitchen
Stonewall Kitchen
Here is the window from the opposite view.   I had a good time playing with this storefront.  BTW...if you don't know of Stonewall Kitchen, they make delicious jams, spreads and sauces.  If you see them in a grocery or speciality shop, they are worth purchasing....may I recommend any of the berry jams or jellys.  Champagne-Strawberry for example.

Windows on the Water
Windows on the Water
Local pool.  I had to sneak my camera in when no one was swimming....people might think I have an odd agenda taking photos at the gym.

Another Sundown
Another Sundown
I've taken this image over and over-each one unique, yet the same.  I'm moved each time I see a sunset from this vantage point...and I wouldn't really call myself a sunset enthusiast.  That stunning copse of trees providing silhouette makes most any shot a winner.

Those are my reflections for the week.  I hope your weekend is fabulous and perhaps you are able to get some "hooky" time as well.  I'm headed back to work tomorrow....rats!


Anonymous said...

Well have fun and brings us some photo goodies, these certainly are very nice.

Dyche Designs said...

Love the swimming pool shot, what we do for our art. :0)

Laloofah said...

You really take beautiful reflection photos! I took one of the sunset I posted last week, reflected in our storm door, and thought about posting it in Weekend Reflections but wasn't sure if it was up to snuff so I didn't. Maybe later. Man, these fun photo memes can bury us alive! :-)

Hope you enjoy a wonderful getaway today! I'm glad you're getting a chance to play hooky, it's good for the soul even if it's bad for the Inbox. :-)

Love the window and pool reflections best of all. Btw, the founder of Stonewall Kitchen is a UNH alum. Just had to stick in that subtle plug for my alma mater (Go Wildcats!) LOL

Scrappy Grams said...

so many wonderful reflections! I am a sunset enthusiast; I need to do a a scrapbook album of them. I'd love to sit at one of the patio tables. :) so inviting!
have a wonderful day off and weekend!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

You capture it all beautifully with a perfect ending.

Jamie said...

Love that pool shot!

Have a great weekend.

Ashley Sisk said...

You always find great reflections - love it.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Beautiful framing of each reflection especially the first street scene! It appears quite romantic!

James said...

Your reflections are wonderful as usual! I agree that there is something very special about your reflection with the umbrellas.
I hope you enjoy your free time!
P.S. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic reflections for the day! I really love them all. But I do agree with the others that there is something very special about the ones with the umbrella! Hope you get some time for yourself soon, we all need that! Enjoy your weekend!


Ms. Becky said...

I think Patio Tables is one of my favorite photos of yours ever. it has a really really great feel. and yeah, I could see whiling away a few glasses of wine there. I'm with Jamie on the pool shot. and that last one is definitely the sweetest decline. hope you had a fun hooky day. enjoy the weekend my friend.

Kay L. Davies said...

Your patio umbrella shot is indeed beautiful, but I just want to jump right into that swimming pool. It looks so deliciously cool and inviting, even invigorating. And I'm still grinning, thinking of you sneaking in to take your photo when no one is around.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

'Tsuki said...

Your pool reflection is amazing ! I also like a lot the first picture of the reflection display : There is something so soft about it...

Pieces of Sunshine said...

The Stonewall Kitchen store front looks amazing. Love the planter boxes!

lisa said...

These are wonderful reflections Susan! I especially love the last one. Good for you (playing hooky)! I hope it was a wonderful day for you.

Brenda said...

Great pictures. If I had to pick a favorite, I think the first one. It is so inviting.

Francisca said...

Nothing new to add here... but yes, that top shot of the reflection of the outdoor tables is fabulous. Last time I tried to take a camera into an inside pool, I was caught and asked to put it back in my locker! What we don't try, hey? And who can resist a sunset... gorgeous. Trust you had a terrific day playing hooky!