Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creative Exchange, Color Purple Edition

Linking with the fabulous Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange.  Thanks Lisa.  This is a great link to share what moves you-check it out, or better yet, join in.  

Last night, you know who was overdue for a nice that included some off leash time.

Tula Dot
Tula Dot

Somewhat selfishly, I did not choose our usual path near beaches, but instead headed inland.  The selfish part was the really great ice cream place that's just a couple or three miles beyond this locale.  I was thinking how I could pair a dog walk with an ice cream and just call it dinner and done.

The Plains
The Plains

I don't walk in the Plains much.  For me there's a creepiness factor-wide open space, scrubby pines, bugs, lack of distinguishing land marks, and a winding dirt road riddled with ruts, ugly standing puddles and mud that may cause a white car owner to squirm a bit.

However....I'm so glad I did.  As we were driving in I was awed by a sea of purple.  I was a good dog mother and drove beyond the amazing photo op, walked my sweet dog, and then returned to chase the images.  And then I got that ice cream and called it dinner and done.

Purple 30

Purple 53

Purple 61

Purple 35

Purple 56

Purple 69

Purple 52

Thanks for stopping by to share in my color purple experience.  I suppose I should have selected black raspberry ice cream, but I stuck with my colorful favorite, M & M.


Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful, Susan. I think I might even have stopped before walking the dog.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Brenda said...

Beautiful purple sea.

I agree - ice cream and a walk count as dinner.

lisa said...

Kind of like "The road Less Traveled" Susan, and what a payoff! These are gorgeous.
So glad too, that I am not the only one who thinks ice cream makes a very fine dinner once in awhile!

lisa said...

Ooops! got carried away with the beautiful purples, and the ice cream, and neglected to say thank you for linking up at The Creative Exchange!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good week for purple! There's these funky purple flowers in a field on my way to work - maybe this will inspire me to stop and capture some.

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh Susan with that shot of the plains you've got me singing "Africa" by Toto. Nice of you to walk your little dog, too. :) Oh I am in a silly mood.

Paula said...

Magnificent, Susan. I can almost feel the movement of the breeze through the purple hues.

urban muser said...

the purple is sooo gorgeous!

Ms. Becky said...

well here I am thinking that the The Plains and the winding dirt road would be just my kind of favorite spot. my car is green with rust, so it wouldn't matter...
whenever I see unidentified flowers I try to guess what they are. they look like wild asters. but it's a bit early for them. hmmm. I'm sticking with that I.D. though, for now. I love your photos of The Plains. it's wild looking and the grasses too are fab. I think I would have made Tula Dot wait, and taken all those shots first. I'm not as good of a mom I think. and good on you that ice cream was dinner. that's not so bad every once in awhile. I'm happy that you treated yourself and Tula too. and I'm happy that the shot of her was the first - she has the beautiful distant gazing thing going on. happy day to you Susan.

JM said...

What a beautiful post on the purple colour!

Pat said...

What a lovely sea of purple! Tula Dot is a great-looking dog!

Cedar said...

These are gorgeous! Really lovely! My favorite is the 3rd purple one!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

The third purple flowers photo is my favourite, although they are all lovely. Sounds like a pleasant time out.