Monday, August 1, 2011

Creative Exchange-on Monday! 335/365

Well bust my buttons.....I'm linking with Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange, and I'm doing it on Monday, please and thank you.  Now if I could only get this routine stuck in my feather brain, I'd link up in a timely manner all the time.

As I understand it, Lisa is participating in "August Break" where you let your images speak and you just shut up and post. I sooooo can't do that right now.  Perhaps next month I'll take part in my own version and call it September Silence, or later in the fall and call it Inaudible Autumn...or perhaps by next August I'll be ready, or not.

I've been roller-coaster-ish in my motivation of late.  Honestly, I think that's more normal.  One can not sustain super inspired enthusiasm on a daily basis....well this someone can't.  I've tried.  I'm finding myself inspired one day and pretty dry the next.  Three or four days of ho-hum followed by a big wow.  I just need to say that pattern is okay.  I'm almost finished my 365-the end of this month, so perhaps that's just messin' with my head.

The other day I was parked and when I returned to my car, whoo-hoo, instant photo session.  As my blogging friend Anita says "did you bring your camera"? (if you haven't seen her images, you are missing out!!)  Thankfully I had mine with....Anita, thanks to you, I almost always do have my camera....I'm glad the owner didn't return with me drooling over, sitting beside, ogling from every angle, not his car, but the photo op.  Hope you enjoy.



Parking Lot Gift
Parking Lot Gift

Passenger Side Vintage
Passenger Side Vintage Reflections

At the Wheel
{335/365} At the Wheel

Fly Guy
Fly Guy





Thanks to the owner of this antique MG.  I had fun.  Thanks to to Lisa in her quietness for hosting the Creative Exchange.  Have a great Monday.


Lui said...

Like! Like! Like!

I am too talkative to do an August break as well ;-)

urban muser said...

you got some awesome photos of that car!

Woody said...

I spent a lot of time skiing in Stowe when I was younger, I immediately recognized the ornament. This is a nice series. I have not made it to a single car show this summer :-(

Ms. Becky said...

these are amazing Susan. love the colors/tones. the curve of that headlight bracket is my fave. all that shiny chrome spells rich luxury and I want to touch it. I'm happy you're not participating in the August Break. it's pretty near impossible to herd me anywhere; I'm so glad I'll have some company in the August yapper arena! rut-roh, I feel a rebellion coming on. look out. I'm bad. have a fun day Susan.

Cedar said...

Really awesome shots! Glad you had fun (and your camera)!

Dyche Designs said...

Loving those . . . I've noticed that a number of people are doing the August thing but I couldn't do the no talking thing either.

Genie said...

OMG!!!! This looks like the MG by older boyfriend had when I was teaching in West Palm Beach in 1960. It was red and the love of our lives. My daddy had a fit every time we went out in it with the top down because it was dangerous. Your hood ornaments and details of the car are awesome. And, yes, I am so glad you had your camera. i NEVER go out without mine and now that I have my iPhone along with my Canon point and shoot, I am in hog heaven and ALWAYS prepared. Super shots. Genie

Pat said...

Wonderful shots of a really cool car!

lisa said...

These photographs are fantastic Susan, and I DO love that car! What an opportunity, and so glad you had your camera with you. I never leave home without mine now.

Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


Jamie said...

So glad you had your camera - these are amazing photos!

I thought about the August break, but like you have too much to say for the next little bit. Maybe September Silence really is the ticket.

Stephani said...

Glad you had your camera! Great shots. I went out to the parking garage the other day and there was a convertible 1964 corvette parked right next to my car! I too drooled, but had no camera! I think I've learned my lesson! :(

jelaine said...

Oooh, now THAT's a fancy ride!

Janny said...

Fantastic fantastic its super photo's from the cars I like et very much
my compliments
Greetings Janny

justine said...

I do love mg's and these are fantastic shots, such clarity in them. You are way ahead of me in your 365, not long to go at all.

MG Atwood said...

Fabulous! My nickname is MG, so I'm always on the lookout. I saw a beauty last week, yellow 1953 who's license plate read 1953 MG...I so wanted to take a spin!

missing moments said...

Great photos and love the composition! I'd love to participate also but my keyboard refuses!

Tricia ♥Charming Barn Hunter♥ said...

Niiice! =)

Anita Johnson said...

Well, I too, am glad you brought your camera. Great shots. The other dya I saw a trio of Sandhill Cranes, perfect lighting, great composition. No camera. I tried to get over my disappointment and just enjoy the scene. Not so easy to do! (-:

tania palermo said...

These are great images - I really like the depth of field.

p.s. thank you for your offer of help with real estate. unfortunatley, after over a year of unemployement, i'll be looking for a very inexpensive apartment..but i'll keep you in mind for the future. :)

Pam said...

Nice shots! I really like the "classy" feel to these. You captured the true essence of classic cars!