Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diner Exchange

Linking with Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange....where I get to say whatever I want.  Watch out.

There are a lot of people on August Break....just posting images and not writing.  I'm not one of them.  Perhaps I should be.  At some point I think I should let my images speak on their own.  Hmmm.  Maybe I could do that once a week, if I remembered.  Lately I've felt like my brain has a kangaroo living inside of it.  Can you feel me on this one?  Can I get a witness?  Chances of me remembering that silent thing at present-slim to none.  I'll move along.

Yesterday afternoon I was out wandering around, looking for a little inspiration, something different to shoot.  I went to the next town over, -an old mill town where the brick behemoths still stand. Unfortunately only a few are still operating or have found renewal or re-use.  I imagine whenever the economy improves (Hey, is it asking too much if that could start happening?  Puh-leeze-I'm ready.) someone with vision could create something very special.

For now, like most of us,  the city tries to stay afloat.  I saw many vacant buildings and for rent signs.  A sign of the times I'm afraid.  Off the main drag on a little one way street, I found this.....

Diner we're getting somewhere.


The Palace Diner was problem.  Gave me a chance to have it to myself and poke around. 

Ladies Invited
Ladies Invited

Now this could be endearing, or a reason to not ever enter during business hours.  I'm not sure.  I'll have to check with my friends "in the know".  This could be a little gold mine "mom and pop" with the best breakfast ever.....or it might attract clientele I'd prefer not sit elbow to elbow and within smelling distance of.  Really, I think it could go either way.  I'm optimistic with the lovely flowers and clean paint job, but the backside of this narrow building....let's just say I didn't take any snaps 'round back.

Diner Stools
Diner Stools

This is it for seating (hence my need to get the scoop from someone who KNOWS the diner).  I could see the stools neatly lining the counter.....

Cash Only
Cash Only

.....through this right side door.  I wonder if you enter here or through the door along the front.

Palace Diner
The Palace Diner

I'll let you know if I learn that it's a great spot for cheap eats.  I'd love to shoot some pics inside.  Do you think the grease might clog up my camera?

Thanks for checking in on my Creative Exchange, and thanks to Lisa for providing a great meme, open to interpretation....with or without words.


Brenda said...

Susan - well, I for one am glad that you aren't being silent as I greatly enjoy your sense of humor that shines through so clearly in your posts.

I love diners! The look of them more then the food. Will be anxious to get the scoop on this one. And to find out what the definition of "Ladies" really might be.

Love the shot of the stools.

Anonymous said...

Love those stools all lined up so nice and neat. I'd love to get inside as well, it looks like there are a lot of interesting images to be captured.

Linda R. said...

What a wonderful looking little diner. I have to agree that the photo of the stools lined up looks amazing..

Carol Blackburn said...

It's so nice of them to let ladies in, don't you think? Mike and I love stopping at diners. The best one we ever went to was the Tilton Diner in Tilton, NH. It was fabulous in every way. Great shots of the diner, by the way!

Laloofah said...

Amen, sister, I'll be a witness! ;-) (Only in my case, it's a monkey and not a kangaroo in my brain). I simply am unable to shut up and just post a photo. Every photo has a back story, an explanation, an anecdote, something, and who am I not to share?

I'm sure there wouldn't be a thing on the menu I'd have any desire to eat, but I do love the look of this diner! And it reminds me of "The Booth at the End," which I just posted about yesterday. Awesome show, entire thing takes place in a diner. :-)

Jess said...

"Ladies Invited"? Hmmm... that does seem a bit strange.

Love that black & white shot of the inside, with all the stools in a row. Very cool shot!

Dyche Designs said...

What an interesting place to come across. Loving the black and white images, especially the one of the stools.

urban muser said...

i love that you stopped and poked around to get these great shots!

lisa said...

I would love to be able to poke around here!
What a wonderful place. If you find out what the "ladies invited" sign actually means, I would love to know!! LOVE it!!

Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

Hope your day has been a wonderful one Susan!

lisa. xo

justine said...

this looks a fantastic diner, we don't have anything like this in England. I love the black and white stool shot especially.

Ms. Becky said...

I'm soooo happy you've decided to forgo the self-imposed muzzling for the month. truth-be-told, I just don't get that, but I'm thick, so no surprise there. I do love these shots. especially the black and white - I like the sheen of that metal counter-top and the light-shine on the front of it. it's moody and noir-like. I see no hours posted by the entrances, leading me to wonder if the place has closed its doors permanently. do tell about the food if you get a chance to sit at that counter one day! have a fun day Susan. always a pleasure.

Rosie said...

What a fantastic diner! I love all the details you pointed out to us! Gorgeous photos, Susan!

Pat said...

What a find! I love the interior shot!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! I especially love the BW stools shot!