Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shoot and Edit

Well here it is Sunday night and I'm just squeaking my "Good to Wow" edit in, again, at the last moment.  Thanks Ashley and Jill. 

Early in the week I chose a photo based on the theme sunset.  I was really happy to see this as the topic as I have a bunch of late day shots that I feel I've not been doing justice to-and uncertain how to enhance properly. 

On June 20th, the eve of the longest day of the year, I had a great photo evening lasting more than 2 hours.  I shot in about 6 different places, each seeming more magical than the last.  The sky was enchanting that evening.  Here is one of my favorite shots, that I chose to work with.

Silhouette Bridge
Silhouette Bridge SOOC

Silhouette Bridge Edit
Silhouette Bridge-edited

When I have a sunset photo I'm never sure whether to warm it, cool it, or just leave it be.  I think that the SOOC shot stands on its own pretty well, but I love the intensity of color that the edited version has.  Helps me to remember that fabulous evening.

In about 2 weeks I'll be finishing my 365.  I'm looking at that as bittersweet, but hoping to have a little more time for editing rather than feeling that racehorse below me driving me on to shoot photos everyday.  We'll see.

Thanks Ashley and Jill.  I'm enjoying these tutorials, even if I'm a little late in getting the job done.


Ashley Sisk said...

Ya know - your image was already perfect but I love the softness and pink tones of your edited shot.

Anonymous said...

Love the light show, the colors are great!

urban muser said...

beautifully done!

Alessandra said...

Editing is fun, but I need to get better at it :-)


Jamie said...

Your SOOC was amazing. I didn't know how you would improve it, but I loved the deeper color.

lisa said...

Definitely WOW!
I thought the original was wonderful also :-)