Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Scavanger 342, 343/365

Linking with Ramblings and Photos for this week's scavenger hunt Sunday.  Fun.  Play along if you like; all are welcome.  

This week's items were:  Seeing Double/Two, Whatever, Sweet, Space and Bright

Linking up a little late, just back from a little respite at the family cottage.  I'm hoping to maybe connect with some new folks in the linky....I know I often see familiar names under the linky images.  Must be like me and link up at around the same time each week.  Linking up later offers a chance to catch some new blogs and make some new friends.  Cool.

Bees {342/365}
Seeing Double/Two:  I love cone flowers-such a pretty and cheerful shade.  I planted one last fall and despite the fertilizing and sunny placement, it didn't offer but 4 blossoms this year-two promptly eaten by I stole these from my neighbor's garden.  Lot's of busy bees working around there-these two were buddying up.  I guess there's enough nectar for all.  Texture-Kim Klassen Pourvous.  She's got the best stuff, doesn't she?

Grasshopper {sh 53}
Grasshopper {343/365}
Whatever:  So, whatever means whatever, right?  Like, wild card?
Truly I'm not into insects and such, but when I was checking on my backyard last week, I found this guy hanging on near the Stella D'Oro.  Maybe he ate my cone flowers...hmmmm.

Ice Cream Dreams
Ice Cream Dreams
Sweet:  I love ice cream-any time, no matter the season.  Yesterday I had me a nice dish of M & M.  Playing around with another Kim Klassen texture, Dream.

Siesta Near Sea
Siesta Near Sea
Space:  I'm totally not interested in "outer", this offers two other takes on the word.  The building (space) is an "art barn" amazing space for creativity.  Beyond it are views of the ocean-wide open space.  Standing on this shore, the next point of land is Spain.  Now that's some space.

Bright:  Taking in a sunset under a silhouetted deck umbrella.

Those are my scavenge pics for this week.  They feel a little fun and frivolous.  Thanks for taking a peek.


Susan said...

Great finds again this week. I like that we both chose bees for our seeing double. That grasshopper is quite cute as well.

Michelle said...

Wow, that shot of the grasshopper is so crisp. I love it. And the last shot of the umbrella looks so peaceful.

Thanks for coming by and saying hi! It is always fun meeting new bloggers!

Ellie said...

Hi, I like your pictures - the grasshopper is very sharp and clear and the ice cream looks very tasty.

Carol Blackburn said...

Great choice of shots, Susan. That grasshopper looks fierce. I think he probably did eat the cone flowers.

Saun said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Awesome shot of the bees that's my favorite.

mommy of Five said...

all these photos are so clear and sharp!! great job!

Rural Revival said...

Lovely! I could lean my back up against the side of that beach house and relax all day. And those bees! I have a thing for bees. Your photo is beautiful.


Ashley Sisk said...

WOW - what a beautiful job. I am loving that first shot. GORGEOUS.

Lori said...

I love your entire set! Very nice!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment on my photos.

The back of the guys playing croquet is my favorite. They were so deep in thought about that game, I even enjoyed watching them for a bit.

New follower.

Scrappy Grams said...

hmm...I have a thing about bees too. ugh! One year the walls of our 150 year-old country home brick (12 inch) walls were inundated with them! It took days for my hubby to seal the bees in the walls. They were the kind that could drill thru brick! Every once in a while a swarm of them would fly at us. I still tense up even just thinking about them.

I haven't seen grasshoppers around here for ages.

The umbrella photo is my fave. serene...aah

MG Atwood said...

Your photos are just yummy! Love them all.

Nela said...

I love your shot of your sweet photo! M&M ice-cream sounds so delectable right now :)

Kay L. Davies said...

The bees are beautiful on your echinacea, but the ice cream makes me want some, and the spacious shoreline makes me want to jump right in.
Wonderful photos, as usual, Susan. I really like them.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

lisa said...

These are wonderful shots for the prompts Susan!
I especially love "Space." The composition is fantastic.
I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

urban muser said...

LOVE the grasshopper, and I WANT the ice cream :)

Brooke said...

Another amazing set! Well done Susan! I really love your grasshopper one!

Anonymous said...

I really look forward to these (I probably just repeated myself). Now, I have the urge for some grasshopper ice cream (not really, but it sounded like something I'd come up with).

Ms. Becky said...

your photos are spectacular. I see you evolving as a photographer, and hope that you too have an awareness. love the grasshopper shot the most today I think. was too lazy to get my act together for the hunt this week...but you've made my day with these. I was stuck on seeing double, but love your interpretation. have a great week Susan. hope you had the time of your life on your getaway too.

Valeria said...

I love your entries. Great macros

Gilly said...

I'm not keen on insect photos either usually, but I just love that grasshopper image; he's almost got a personality!