Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Scavenger 351, 354, 358, 362, 365/365

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Press on through and link up.  Always fun and all are welcome.

I think it's okay to brag that on Friday I finished my 365!!  Yay me!!  During the year I never missed one day of taking photos-and that's pretty amazing.  On July 5th I took photos, however on July 6th I got up early and without thinking deleted my memory card forgetting that I hadn't downloaded my images, so I have no day 313/365 photo, but I did take photos that day....and that makes a girl human, don't you think?

I won't say I have 364 excellent images.  Most are good tho'....there were a couple I included that reminded me that I was ticked off that I didn't get something of quality that day. I do have a great collection and can remember my year with a single image triggering a day, mood, or occurrence.  I may have to do this again, but not right away.  And today, with Irene doing her "thang" outside my window, I'm totally fine with taking a day off from snaps.  That is unless my little Princess cat does something cute.

I'm using all 365 images for this week's scavenger....which included: Old and New, Night Photography, Music, Cheesy, and Sun. 

Old and New
Old and New {365/365}
Old and New:  The image on the left was taken with my point and shoot in early August last year, before my 365 began.  The one on the right is 365/365.  I took it because of the great light....but rather like the one from last year with the building peak too.

Again {351/365}
Again {351/365}
Night Photography:   How about twilight photography?  I shoot this scene over and over again.  It's like a magnet for me each time I see it.  I love the silhouette of the trees.

Dancing {354/365}
Dancing {354/365}
Music:  Towards the end of my 365, I was really skating on thin ice.  I left myself short without daylight too many times.  I was pushing my luck.  I made this work, but just barely.  When you've got no pics at 9:45 p.m.....find something laying around on the kitchen counter are start shooting.

Green Doors {362/365}
Green Doors {362/365}
Cheesy:  I have a couple pizza shots, but not recent ones.  I know this is a stretch on cheesy, but work with me here.  I love graffiti.  There's good graffiti, and there's cheesy graffiti....and this is the later.  I do like the urban decay though.

Cherries {358/365}
Cherries {358/365}
Sun:  The sunlight bouncing off this bowl of cherries really appeals to me.  Give me that ambient light any day.  It's so inspiring.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my images.  If you're thinking about a 365, I encourage you to challenge yourself.  If you need any tips, I'm happy to share.  Have a great day-stay dry if you're on the East coast.


Katie said...

I love the silhouettes in the night photography!

Ali said...

That cherry photo is GORGEOUS!!!!

Dyche Designs said...

Congratulations on completing such a big project, that's quite an undertaking. It must be incredible to look back and see your photographic journey over the year . . . . way to go.

Brenda said...

Many, many congrats on completing your 365! And without a miss! It is an amazing accomplishment and one that you will treasure forever - that ability to go back in time and to see your growth as a photographer.

Ashley Sisk said...

You get a high five for completing your 365. Love your nighttime and last shot.

Kathy said...

I am so impressed with the 365 project....kudos on completing it! And I always find graffiti so intriguing to photograph too. It is just so interesting and visually appealing. Great job.


Bek said...

Congrats on finishing the 365! I still have 4 more months to go... Love your sun picture. No wonder you can shoot that scene over and over again with different lighting.

Ms. Becky said...

congratulations on completing 365 days of photos. you went all the way! I need to go back through my old blog posts and see when my year will be complete because I've misplaced the calendar on which I recorded the beginning day. this was a huge undertaking. it's fitting that you end with the photo that began all of this. that's beautiful. I'm loving the green doors - no matter the graffiti. and the bowl of cherries if fine. I can most certainly see a progression of your talent through the year. you've matured and evolved in how you photograph but also in what you photograph. it's been a true pleasure to accompany you on this journey. I've been thinking about you in that storm, and I'm glad you have power. take good care Susan.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I've followed you right back here.

I love, love, love that graffiti shot.

On Fridays I host a meme called Book Blurb Friday that requires photo prompts (as faux book covers). May I use your photos sometimes? Your name will always be on the photo, and I offer a link back to your blog. Please drop me an email at I will never use anything without your permission.

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 365, I knew your were getting close and I admire your persistence!

Count me among those who really like the green doors. I can see why you're drawn to 'Again', it's great!

Linda R. said...

YEA!!! You did it.. Now deleting photos sounds like something I would do.. But your right it still counts.. You took them. I love the shot of you dancing with yourself.. And your cherries in the sunlight look yummy!!

Hugs, Linda

eah42 said...

I really love your 'cheesy' shot! I think it's fantastic. Great job.

Saun said...

The cheesy one was hard great job!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Congratulations on 365 (close enough!) and wishing you 365 more!

I love the shots you selected and particularly the "green doors."


Anita Johnson said...

365! Congrats! I love the green doors...perfect textures!

Cedar said...

Really fantastic that you finished your 365! What in incredible accomplishment!

Great, beautiful set! I particularly love your bowl of cherries and your "new" shot!

justine said...

I can't believe you have finished! wow congratulations! I missed 20 days so am only on 342....well done, that is such a great achievement and I loved watching your 365. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, the martha stewart one made me laugh!

Cildemer said...

A wonderful set of pics! Love the steeple, the night shot and the cherries! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on 365! Wishing you many more to come;o)

Have a nice and happy week****

Deanna said...

Oh wow, congrats on completing your 365. I started but wavered along the way. Beautiful set of images for the Scavenger Hunt. Also loved your collection of images of the wet chairs and your lovely words.

Laloofah said...

Congratulations on your 365 accomplishment! Your photos were so good when you started, and are absolutely stunningly wonderful now. Hard to believe there could be any room for improvement!

I WANT that bowl of cherries. Right now. :-)

I sure hope you came through Irene unscathed! The images and reports from Vermont are especially heartbreaking. Never would have thought they would find themselves in the path of such destruction.