Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creatively Behind

Linking with the ever so sweet Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange.  Thanks Lisa.

I am enormously backed up on everything.  If I've not been by to your blog to say "hey" or admire what you're doing, or not linking with my usual frequency, I'll do the Arnold/Terminator and say "I'll Be Back" in my imitation gruffy voice.  How is it that I miss my blogging friends out there?  It's true, I do.  I'd never had guessed that would happen when I started all this 1 1/2 years ago.  Amazing.  I wonder if any non-bloggers are thinking I need an intervention.

The crappy news is I've been working a lot.  Sometimes 6 or 7 days a week and there appears to be no end in sight on that.  Maybe, fingers crossed, about 3 weekends from now I might get a little break....or not.  The good news is, I've been working on a BIG creative project.  I entered a piece in a design contest and my image was selected (super psyche-does anyone say that anymore?)  It's had me sucking up my creative time at the whim of a committee-no regrets, but between work and that I'm practically on an unintended blogcation.  Phew.

The other good news is I'm 3 weeks into an Art Appreciation course which I'm very much enjoying.  As my Uncle Howard would say, I'm getting "ed-you-ma-cated".  But between work and that and the creative project that I can't mention yet, but will when I can, I'm a bit tapped out.

Last night I was homeward bound when I was looking for a daily prompt to fill "wet".  I spied this fountain outside the local water district. I had great fun and took a butt load of pictures in a span of 15 minutes.  I like the results and was inspired to create a collage.  Hope you like it.....and see you/blog you soon.



lisa said...

I absolutely love this mosaic Susan, and congratulations on having your work selected. So truly well-deserved!!

Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful (and hopefully relaxing!) evening.


Carol Blackburn said...

Neat collage, Susan......:)

urban muser said...

great collage of photos. and good luck with your creative project!

Brenda said...

Preliminary congrats (and yes, I am super-psyched on your behalf)on your secret creative project! Can't wait to hear about all the juicy details and shower you with well-earned praise.

Yes, you have been missed. Come back soon.

Gorgeous wet collage. You captured that enviable golden light - how DO you do that?

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Loving the mosaic, gorgeous images. Sounds like you're crazy busy, but hopefully all worth it. Have fun.

Francisca said...

You have major talent, Susan, and I am super-psyched for you that a creative piece of yours was selected... eager to hear the details. Your water montage is wonderful; what a unique fountain! With all that's on your plate, I admire your output. Lately I haven't worked as hard as I think I ought to, and still I feel there's not enough time to visit my fav blogs, so I relate entirely to your missing your blogging friends; no intervention needed. :-)

from Sharon said...

HI...I too have been on a limited time basis for blogging. So have missed yours...then I find you are off and running on a new project. Can't wait to see/hear about it/read, etc. Congratulations on whatever it is you are UP TO. Your water collage more than makes up for not being "around." After all when one is wet one is wet!!! Happy creating. smiles: sharon

LeAnne said...

Awesome work!!! It is hard to find the time, but this is well worth it!

Pat said...

Nice collection of shots!

Stampmouse said...

beautifil wet shot

Phyllis said...

Beautiful collage! Makes me want to try making one. I am looking forward to hearing more about your creative big project!