Friday, September 30, 2011

Reflections for the Weekend

Linking with James for this week's Weekend Reflections.

Sneaking in a quick post with 3 reflections.

Red Flowers {361/365}
Red Flowers
This is an oldie from a month plus ago I've not had a chance to share.  I'm afraid those geraniums don't look so vibrant anymore.

At the Beach {sh55}
At the Beach
I wanted to chase this couple down the beach, but I was more subtle than that.  I kept walking faster to catch up to them.  Her pink shirt was so vibrant in the water covered could I pass that up?

Water Fountain
Water Fountain
This is the water fountain outside the local water district building.  The little bucket fills quickly and when too weighty spills over into the trough and does it over and over again.  I had a great time playing in the late day light.  If you like water shots, you might check the montage I posted a few days back.

Have a wonderful and reflective weekend.


Kathy said...

Oh that second shot is magnificent!!!!


Kay L. Davies said...

Delightful fountain. I love it.
And the thought of you chasing people down the beach made me wonder if you'd be arrested for stalking. LOL
Both beautiful photos, Susan, but I think I agree with Kathy, I like the second one best.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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'Tsuki said...

I just love the last picture : the water fountain is so very unique ! It works on the same principle that the sozu :

The two other pictures are eally fine too, though.

helena said...

Great set - so sharp and vibrant. I've been noting the light at the moment is great for reflections

Anonymous said...

3 fine reflections! I love the view down the street with the intersecting bricks.

Francisca said...

Hard to choose a favorite reflection today, Susan. I'm missing the beach, so maybe that middle one pulls my heartstrings most.

Brenda said...

Remind me never to walk down the beach in front of you, regardless of what I am wearing :) Are you in paparazzi training?

Lovely reflection shots. I am completely in love with that fountain and its buckets and your golden light shots.

Carol Blackburn said...

Running on the beach is great exercise, should pleased with yourself you got some great shots and did some exercise too.

James said...

Great reflections as always! I love the colors and light in the middle one. It's a happy and peaceful picture.